October 09, 2007 12:59 ET

Investment Site Becomes a Must-Have for Job Seekers Launches Investment Platform for Students to Impress Recruiters

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - October 9, 2007) - College students looking to impress future employers by demonstrating their true knowledge of the stock market and investing have found a venue to prove their worth: The new website, launched by three Harvard University students, provides students an arena to learn about real-time investing, improve their financial skills and win cold hard cash all while developing a portfolio and an investment track record to better position themselves to potential employers.

Investment companies throughout the country are starting to watch users' virtual portfolios and are using them to decipher which job applicants have the most potential. Here's how it works -- on the applicant's resume, they include their username for During the recruitment process, executives can look up the applicant's virtual portfolio on the site, where they can view the knowledge and success of the potential hire. The UpDown allows recruiters the opportunity to tap into investment clubs and the top talent at universities across North America.

"We feel The UpDown enables students to show recruiters their trading and portfolio management capabilities," said UpDown CEO Michael Reich. "In today's difficult job market, it is crucial that job seekers do whatever it takes to be one step ahead of the competition. The UpDown is a place where students can practice stock trading and earn real money at the same time," added Reich.

The UpDown is a destination for investors to collaborate and compete using virtual portfolios and real-life brokerage simulations, all in real-time. Community insight will then be used to manage a real investment fund creating an innovative investment methodology. The interactive social network also provides its members a chance to make real money derived from their on-site analyses and portfolio performance versus the S&P 500.

The UpDown,, is a fantasy investing website launched by Harvard Business School students Michael Reich and Georg Ludviksson and Harvard University graduate Phuc Truong. Each partner has significant start-up experience, and shares a common vision to revolutionize the investing world.

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