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June 02, 2009 08:01 ET

Investors: The Most Comprehensive Library of Financial Information In Canada-Now On-Line

The Successful Investor launches

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 2, 2009) -

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Attention: Business & Financial Editors & Writers

The Successful Investor, the highly regarded financial publishing company, is opening its archives of independent and unbiased financial information to give all Canadian investors unprecedented FREE access to thousands of high-quality articles and analysis on investing and Canadian money management-- all on one site and in one location.

The site, was launched today, by one of Canada's top safe money investment advisors, Pat McKeough who is Editor and Publisher of the highly successful family of investment publications, The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Wall Street Stock Forecaster and Canadian Wealth Advisor.

The website gives Canadians access to a wealth of free information and a starting point in understanding today's investment environment.

"We hope our site will become a one-stop destination for those who want to become better informed or more actively involved in their investment decisions," says McKeough. "Our site contains approximately 3,000 easy to understand articles on investing that focus on ways to help investors make the right choices for their unique investment needs and appeals to all levels of investors from the beginner to the very sophisticated."

TSINetwork offers information on every aspect of investing & money management from stock market and financial definitions to insightful articles such as; What to hold in your tax free savings account to free downloadable reports such as How to Trade Stocks and Make Good Investments in Canada.

"With the turmoil the markets have been undergoing," says Dr. Chuck Chakrapani, Chairman of the Investors Association of Canada and Research Mentor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in Toronto, "it is more important than ever for investors to do their homework by conducting independent research to become more knowledgeable about investment matters."

"The TSInetwork," Chakrapani adds, "is a great asset to all Canadian investors from the very wealthy to individuals with limited funds--as it allows investors to tap into Pat McKeough's considerable knowledge and thoughtful advice at no cost."

About Pat McKeough

Pat is one of Canada's top safe-money investment advisors and has been a professional investment analyst for more than 25 years. His conservative growth portfolio is up 222.95% since l995, nearly twice the 117.4% gain of the S&P /TSX. Conservative North American investors have come to trust him for help in finding stocks with hidden value.

A best-selling Canadian author, he wrote a best-seller book in l993 called Riding the Bull: How you can profit in the 1990's stock market boom. In addition to managing investor portfolios, he is Editor and Publisher of a family of investment publications including The Successful Investor, Stock Pickers Digest, Wall Street Stock Forecaster, and Canadian Wealth Advisor. Through his many television appearances, he is well known to investors for his insightful analysis and his candid, unpretentious style.

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