SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

October 31, 2006 16:04 ET

InvisiTasking: The Dawn of a New Era

"Invisible Multitasking" Promises to Introduce a Brand-New Era in the Way That Many Software Applications Will Run in the Future

BURBANK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 31, 2006 -- There always has been, and perhaps always will be, a battle for system resources. As systems and CPUs get bigger and more powerful, software applications simply follow in turn and take advantage of the additional firepower. Additionally, there are extremely important background activities which must be done -- like defrag jobs, anti-virus scans, and spy ware removal -- which many systems administrators and IT managers would not even consider running during regular production hours; common knowledge says there is a big performance hit -- perhaps even a crash -- for those who dare attempt such a thing. Unfortunately, this results in long nights and weekends for IT staff doing what needs to be done, presenting the need for InvisiTasking™.

Now, what exactly is InvisiTasking? Taken from the words "invisible" and "multitasking," it is the culmination of years of effort on the part of Diskeeper Corporation ( of Burbank, California, to develop a kind of software engine which would eliminate all resource conflicts while its famous defragmentation software could safety and legitimately run virtually invisibly in the background at any time -- including the middle of the workday on the busiest of servers.

By doing this, Diskeeper knew that it would then be able to obtain another key objective -- real time or "on-the-fly" defragmentation with their next generation of defragmentation software, Diskeeper 2007.

Real time defragmentation would mean the end of scheduling for system administrators, corporations, governments, business owners, and anyone else who owned the latest version of their product. Their trademarked slogan of "Set It and Forget It" would literally be just that and more. Now, all users at every level simply had to install the software -- Diskeeper 2007 would literally take care of the rest.

InvisiTasking uses a variety of highly complex and sophisticated procedures to ensure that a product like Diskeeper 2007 will never take away from valuable systems resources. Through a proprietary monitoring process, InvisiTasking enables the software that it is powering to remain virtually invisible in the background.

Real time defragmentation means that all systems and servers large and small will always be at maximum speed and performance. Research has shown that when Diskeeper 2007 is enabled, systems run faster. When it is not, the system slows down.

What is exciting about this technology is the fact that InvisiTasking promises to change the way in which all such software runs in the future, and it is very likely that a large variety of applications will appear as time moves forward. For example, InvisiTasking opens the door to programs like anti-virus and spyware to also operate in real time without taking away from system resources. Virtually any type of scanning or maintenance-type software could potentially benefit from this technology.

The user demand for this technology will be obvious. No one likes to go through the hassle of scheduling software. Scheduling, in fact, is an inherent weak link in performing certain systems maintenance activities (like defragmentation) that absolutely should be done with frequency. Rather than schedule, many users -- even high-tech professionals -- will just run the applications whenever they happen to think about it -- oftentimes with devastating consequences.

Now, with InvisiTasking, users will be introduced to a whole new realm of computer performance and speed without ever having to think about it. IT professionals will get back their nights and weekends. A new era has begun, and we will all be the better for it.