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November 15, 2006 08:00 ET

IronPort Reports Industry's Highest Catch Rate in War Against Image Spam

IronPort's Patent-Pending Technology Stops 98% of Image Spam; Twice the Catch Rate of Any Other Enterprise Class Spam Product

SAN BRUNO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 -- IronPort® Systems Inc., the leading Internet gateway security provider, today announced significant progress in the war against image spam. The company is reporting that its product, IronPort Anti-SpamTM, stops 98 percent of image spam -- twice the accuracy of any other enterprise class spam product. The company adds that their Context Adaptive Scanning Engine™ (CASE), which examines the complete context of a message and is very effective in stopping image spam, has driven a significant number of new customers to IronPort.

Current statistics from IronPort's Threat Operation Center confirm the worldwide increase in image spam. Among the findings:

--  Worldwide spam volumes increased from 31 billion messages a day in
    October 2005 to 61 billion messages per day in October 2006, an increase of
    nearly 100%.
--  Image spam reached a new high of 25% of total spam volume in October
    2006 compared to 4.8% in October 2005, an increase of 421%.
--  Due to the increase in image spam, the average spam message size has
    grown from 8.9KB to 13KB, a 46% increase.
--  Bandwidth used by spam increased from 275 terabytes per day in October
    2005 to 819 terabytes per day in October 2006, an increase of nearly 200%.

"Due to increases in spam and declining capture rates, the average email user is seeing two to three times more spam since the start of 2006," said Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at IronPort. "Catch rates are falling because signature-based solutions can't keep up with spammer's rapidly changing randomization techniques. IronPort's success is based on a solid foundation of technology prowess and our ability to quickly marshal resources to stop the latest Internet threats."

"Traditional signature-based solutions are horrible at stopping image spam," said Brandon Meyers of Cooper Industries, a global manufacturer of electrical products and tools, with 2005 revenues of $4.7 billion and over 29,000 employees. "Our department is relying less and less on signature-based technology and moving towards solutions that combine reputation with strong anti-spam techniques. We've found that IronPort's reputation technology disposes up to 80 percent of incoming spam at the connection level. When combined with IronPort Anti-Spam the efficacy rate is spectacular. We are very pleased to be working with IronPort."

Winning the War Against Image Spam

Evidence of IronPort winning the war against image spam is supported by customer adoption and endorsement of IronPort Anti-Spam technology.

--  Over 20 Global 1000 accounts added IronPort Anti-Spam in Q3 2006.
--  IronPort Anti-Spam is now deployed at over 1,100 customers in over 30
--  IronPort Anti-Spam is currently protecting 37 million mailboxes

"Image spam is the number one nuisance of 2006," said Kevin Stine, the Chief Information Security Officer for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "Like many other organizations worldwide, the increase has negatively impacted our operations and has caused work queue backups on heavily loaded systems. Fortunately, we count IronPort as a partner. IronPort is the first vendor in the industry to come out with an effective solution for combating image spam."

The Industry's Most Innovative Approach to Threat Detection

IronPort's success in fighting image spam can be found in the company's multi-layer approach. As the first line of defense IronPort Reputation Filters™ block up to 80 percent of incoming spam at the connection level -- saving bandwidth, conserving system resources and yielding the highest levels of security for critical messaging systems. The second layer is IronPort's unique Context Adaptive Scanning Engine (CASE), which examines the complete context of a message. When combining the CASE score and sender reputation, the end result is more accurate than traditional single-layer spam filtering techniques.

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