Innovative Software Direct plc

April 14, 2010 12:05 ET

Issue of Shares

14 April 2010

                                  INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE DIRECT PLC
                                     (the "Company" or "ISD")
                                          Issue of Shares

The Directors of Innovative Software Direct Plc have received notification that today, a total  of
400,000 warrants were exercised at a price of 1p per share. The warrants were held by M Isaacs, in
trust  for  N Isaacs and as a result of this transaction, 400,000 new ordinary shares of  1p  each
were issued to N Isaacs.

Total shares in issue following the above transaction are 16,182,946 ordinary shares of 1p each.

Notifiable changes to Substantial Shareholdings are detailed below:

                                                                         No.  Shares     % holding
N Isaacs*1                                                                 1,524,999         9.42%
Polemanda Limited*1                                                          450,000         2.78%
A Isaacs*1                                                                    55,000         0.34%
M Isaacs SIPP*1                                                            1,235,000         7.63%
F Mosheim                                                                    957,500         5.92%
A Kitchen                                                                    800,000         4.94%
Seprocor*2                                                                 2,403,000        14.85%

*1 Isaacs Holdings

200,000 of N Isaacs shares are held in her SIPP.

These  parties are related by virtue of M Isaacs who is the husband of N Isaacs, the father  of  A
Isaacs and who has an interest in Polemanda Limited. Total holding is 3,264,999 (20.18%).

*2 Seprocor Holdings

340,000 are held legally and beneficially, 2,063,000 are held through Redmayne (Nominees) Limited.

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for this announcement.


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