December 18, 2009 01:05 ET

Issuu Launches Free Mobile Reader for Android Devices with EasyRead (beta), a Revolutionary New Technology for Reading Digital Publications

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 18, 2009) -

Issuu, the leading publishing platform for digital magazines, newspapers and catalogs, launches its first mobile app for Android-powered devices.

After successfully creating the web's best digital reader for publications and documents, Issuu is now doing the same for the mobile platform. Issuu's new EasyRead (beta) technology automatically enhances the text of any publication enabling users to read text on small-screen devices while still maintaining the visual layout.

EasyRead solves a longstanding problem in digital publishing where rich publications such as magazines, newspapers and catalogs are almost impossible to read on small screens. According to CEO Michael Hansen, "the sophistication of the technology is already impressive but we'll continue to improve it. We're launching Issuu Mobile with EasyRead technology as a beta version now to get feedback from the very tech savvy Android community. When we launch Issuu Mobile for iPhone early next year it will provide an even better user experience."

Available as a free beta version from, Issuu Mobile gives readers access to their favorite publications and must-read documents everywhere they go.

Key features include:

- Read and explore over 1 million free publications, from top glossy magazines to fresh newspapers to favorite catalogs.

- Subscribe to publishers and get notified of the latest editions.

- Synchronize with your personal Issuu library.

- Stay connected with friends to see what they comment on, publish, and bookmark.

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