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November 24, 2009 03:04 ET

It's Never Too Late to Achieve Success Through Entrepreneurship

Most of Those Who Pursue an Entrepreneur Opportunity Do It When They're Older

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2009) - While the majority of entrepreneurs in the headlines seem young when they first become newsworthy, the vast majority of those who start their own business have already spent many years working as an employee, according to a recent study. "This information should give those who are adversely affected by the unemployment situation the confidence they need to try to achieve success by pursuing an entrepreneur opportunity," said Shane Krider, founder and CEO of entrepreneurial skills training company, Polaris Media Group.

Researchers who participated in the Kauffman Foundation study, the results of which are published in "The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur, Family Background and Motivation," interviewed 549 company founders across several industries including services, aerospace and defense, health care, and computer and electronics.

Nearly 50% of those surveyed had spent 11 to 20+ years working for someone else prior to starting their own business.

"Many people have the impression that once you've been working for someone else for a long time, it's impossible to change. I've seen many young people advised that once they get married, have children and take on more expenses, it will be too late to achieve success pursuing their dreams," said Mr. Krider. "Nothing could be further from the truth. The business founders surveyed for the Kauffman study aren't failures. They started their businesses after being employees for years; and they're still going. If they can do it, so can others."

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