January 10, 2005 08:45 ET

Ixia Announces Complete Telephony Solution for Testing Packet Data over Cable




JANUARY 10, 2005 - 08:45 ET

Ixia Announces Complete Telephony Solution for Testing
Packet Data over Cable

CALABASAS, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Jan 10, 2005) -

Test Suite Greatly Reduces Testing Costs by Emulating Telephony Devices

Ixia (Nasdaq:XXIA), a leading, global provider of IP network testing
solutions, announced today the latest release of IxVoice, its
comprehensive analysis solution for converged telephony testing. This
release of IxVoice introduces a number of significant enhancements to
greatly improve and simplify the verification of packet data over cable
solutions, including support for traditional PSTN and VoIP technologies
and related protocols, such as MGCP, COPS, and SS7.

"Ixia's IxVoice test solution is targeted at the complex testing
requirements of the telephony industry, including packet over cable
manufacturers and those developing and testing the infrastructure of the
core VoIP network," said Alan Amrod, vice president of marketing for
Ixia. "IxVoice will facilitate a seamless transition from legacy
telephone switches to a cost effective and utility grade VoIP network."

Ixia's IxVoice incorporates a Packet over Cable test suite that makes it
possible for equipment manufacturers and cable operators to quickly
verify conformance, performance, and interoperability of their
solutions. The Packet over Cable test suite can emulate analog phones as
well as the traffic from the CMTS devices, eliminating the costs
associated with acquiring and managing a large test bed that
traditionally would include thousands of cable modems and MTAs (Media
Terminal Adapters).

IxVoice is able to fully automate Packet over Cable testing for call
flow, feature verification, and performance analysis of voice networks
in a scalable and distributed test framework. Key automation features in
this release include:

-- New Telnet commands that can modify configuration files before
runtime and then generate execution reports.

-- New Tcl script functions that allow the control of external devices
from within an IxVoice test scenario.

-- Ability to autogenerate reports and email them to the specified

IxVoice also provides exhaustive functional and performance test
capabilities, and support for legacy analog POTS, PSTN, and TDM
interfaces, such as GR-303 and SS7, as well as support for the MGCP,
COPS, SIP, and H.248/MEGACO protocols. In addition, a wide range of SIP
features have been added to Ixia's IxVoice, resulting in the most
complete, flexible, and automated solution available for SIP telephony

-- SIP over TLS with associated encrypted RTP streaming for emulating
endpoints over secure connections.

-- New SDP editor/interpreter within SIP and MGCP that facilitates
positive and negative testing of media stream offers/answers.

-- Additional codecs to accommodate a large number of DUTs.

-- Variable support in a SIP text editor for negative testing and the
capability for sending custom SDP text.

-- XML parser that enables users to parse any XML extensions in the SIP

To learn more about IxVoice, visit:

Product Now Available: IxVoice 3.10

About Ixia

Ixia is a leading, global provider of high performance IP network
testing solutions. Its highly scalable solutions generate, capture,
characterize, and emulate network and application traffic, establishing
definitive performance and conformance metrics of network devices or
systems under test. Ixia's testing solutions are used by Network and
Telephony Equipment Manufacturers, Semiconductor Manufacturers, Service
Providers, and large Enterprises to validate the functionality and
reliability of complex IP networks, devices, and applications. Ixia's
patented Real World Traffic™ Suite addresses the growing need to test
applications and networks prior to deployment under realistic load
conditions. Ixia's vision is to be the world's preeminent provider of
solutions to enable testing of these "utility-grade" IP networks. Ixia's
analysis solutions utilize a wide range of industry-standard interfaces
and are distinguished by their performance, accuracy, reliability, and
adaptability to the industry's constant evolution.

For more information, contact Ixia at 26601 W. Agoura Road, Calabasas,
CA 91302; 818-871-1800, Fax: 818-871-1805; Email: info@ixiacom.com or
visit our Web Site at http://www.ixiacom.com.

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