J. Armand Bombardier Museum

J. Armand Bombardier Museum

March 26, 2010 16:03 ET

J. Armand Bombardier Museum : The Ingenuity of J. Armand Bombardier... the Sprocket Wheel/Track System

Almost 100 people attend the temporary exhibition in Valcourt

VALCOURT, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 26, 2010) -

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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the invention of the sprocket wheel/track system, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum (bombardiermuseum.com) in Valcourt, yesterday inaugurated a temporary exhibition entitled The ingenuity of J. Armand Bombardier…the sprocket wheel/track system. This extraordinary mechanism revolutionized transportation over snow and difficult terrain and it's still in use today!

The opening was attended by J.R. André Bombardier, who is the youngest son of the famous inventor, the Honorary Chair of the event and Vice-Chairman of the Bombardier Board of Directors. He was joined by Mr. Fassi Kafyeke, Director Strategic Technology, Bombardier Aerospace, Mrs. Lyne Lavoie, Executive Director of the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation and formers employee of L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée, as well as members and friends of the family and the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation.

During his speech at the inauguration ceremony, Mr. J.R. André Bombardier invited the guests let their minds roll back to the 1930s, when his father invented the sprocket track system. « It's important to remember that during that era, the roads weren't open in winter, » explained Mr. Bombardier. « One of my papa's main objectives was to do something to solve the incredible isolation of the villages and to make it possible to travel during this long, painful season. Out of those goals came the invention of the sprocket track system which, in turn, launched the snowmobile industry. Doctors could now move around during the winter to help the sick. Postal workers could ensure that the mail got through and prospectors were able to traverse the most challenging terrain. » 

A trip back in time – in three stages…

The ingenuity of J. Armand Bombardier… the sprocket wheel/track system, which runs until January 30, 2011, allows visitors to discover the precursors, the birth and evolution of the ingenious mechanism that will forever mark the development of transportation over difficult terrain. The exhibition also enables visitors to step back in time, aboard an original B12 CS 1950 snowmobile. Five vehicles are on display. Photographies are available on bombardiermuseum.com web site under Media Centre.

« It's remarkable that in Canada and particularly in Quebec, with its small population, has made such an impact on the industrial world today. We owe that to the ingenuity and business acumen of the people who live here – qualities personified by our illustrious predecessors such as Joseph-Armand Bombardier. His example reminds us that one must work hard to achieve great things and be ready to persevere in pursuit of our dreams » said Mr. Fassi Kafyeke, Guest of Honor and Director Strategic Technology at Bombardier Aerospace.  

Opening hours and entry fees

The J. Armand Bombardier Museum is open every day, from 10am-5pm from May 1 to Labor Day. Entry fees are $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and $15 for families. Children aged 5 and under are free.

About the J. Armand Bombardier Museum 

Situated in Valcourt in the Eastern Townships, the J. Armand Bombardier Museum (www.bombardiermuseum.com) showcases the life and work of the renowned inventor and entrepreneur, Joseph-Armand Bombardier. This privately run museum also traces the evolution of the snowmobile and the key role played by this visionary Quebecer, who almost single handedly launched the snowmobile industry.

About the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation

The mission of the J. Armand Bombardier Foundation, created in 1965, is to carry on the humanitarian work of Joseph-Armand Bombardier and to contribute towards the realization of Bombardier Inc's vision of social responsibility. (Bombardier Inc. was founded by the inventor in 1942.) The Foundation is very involved in education, community support, health and arts and culture. It also plays a crucial cultural role through the J. Armand Bombardier Museum and the Yvonne L. Bombardier Cultural Centre in Valcourt.

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