October 02, 2007 09:00 ET

JAJAH Buttons Give eBay Users the Freedom to Talk

eBay Sellers Talk to Buyers Phone-to-Phone With Custom Click-to-Call Buttons

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 2, 2007) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative phone company, launched its new service JAJAH Buttons, customized for eBay. Every JAJAH user can now place a simple and stylish Button into their eBay marketplace, eBay Stores and eBay Motors auction and allow bidders to call them before they buy and pay, whilst keeping contact details completely private. The service connects both parties phone-to-phone and does not require any special hardware or software.

JAJAH adds an unprecedented element to the popular auction site by connecting eBay sellers and their prospective clients phone-to-phone. Unlike other Internet calling solutions, JAJAH Buttons secure the merchants' privacy and require no download, no headset, no broadband and work on every phone.

"In auctions, buyers and sellers must communicate to close a deal. With JAJAH buttons, everyone who wants to buy or sell online now has the freedom to talk -- all you need is a phone," said JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf.

Mitigating Powersellers risk factors: How it works

Sleek in its design, simple in creation, extensive in functionality and complete with privacy control, JAJAH Buttons are a perfect fit for the eBay community. eBay Powersellers can design and reuse personal JAJAH Buttons for each auction listing. JAJAH registered users can create a custom Button for free by logging into his or her account, setting parameters such as when calls are received and from what countries while always keeping their number hidden. A guide on setting up a Button is available at

Bidders who might use email to inquire about an item can quickly reach sellers on the phone by entering their own phone number and clicking on the "Call" button to connect directly to the seller, at no cost to them. The Button owner is charged for the call at the current JAJAH rates -- in many cases the call will be free to other registered users or as low as 3 cents a minute to the most called places on Earth.

"With JAJAH Buttons, online transactions will be conducted with more confidence while protecting individual identities," says JAJAH CEO Trevor Healy. "It greatly enhances trust and security and gives sellers an opportunity to use JAJAH to increase their overall sales volume."

JAJAH users can create and customize their JAJAH Button in many ways. From indicating the days and times available for a phone call, countries of the originating calls and the ability to block certain numbers while keeping theirs private, JAJAH Buttons provide maximum control for each user.

JAJAH Buttons implement an assuring voice element to eBay -- in a true, seamless Voice 2.0 way. "We have removed all unnecessary obstacles between you and a good sale," added Scharf. "Compared to commercial toll-free numbers, JAJAH Buttons can save up to 95 percent of incoming call costs, directly increasing Powersellers' bottom-line," added Scharf.


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