April 29, 2008 00:42 ET

JAJAH Opens up Next-Generation Voice Platform and Unveils Its Telecommunications Industry Growth Plan

Fastest Growing Global Phone Company Boasts 10 Million Users in Two Years

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative global communications company, today reaffirmed its commitment to its 10 million customers who use JAJAH to make an affordable, high-quality call from any device. Following demand from business industry leaders, the company enters its third year by opening up its next-generation voice platform and offering strategic managed service solutions.

In its next phase, JAJAH finds itself at the heart of the telecom revolution. This year marks a noticeable shift in the telecommunications industry; it is poised for tremendous global growth, call monetization opportunities and an eventual transition to an IP-based voice network. Providing the world's largest VoIP backbone, JAJAH is uniquely positioned to lead this change and unveils the signposts that will encourage healthy expansion tomorrow.

"Through our diverse managed service options and an open network, we are pleased to answer the call of our business customers and partners that want to harness the power of JAJAH," said JAJAH CEO, Trevor Healy. "Opening the JAJAH platform will solve companies' need for immediate access to a proven, affordable global calling infrastructure, help them retain their customer base and strengthen communication offerings. At the same time, consumers can always count on the JAJAH calling options they've come to love and can look forward to new ways to talk and save in the future."

Exponentially growing its network, JAJAH will soon solidify key partnerships with landline operators, cable companies, mobile carriers and technology partners. Within the last year, strategic relationships and investments were made with traditional land-line and mobile phone operators including Deutsche Telekom, also known in the U.S. for its mobile arm, T-Mobile, leading technology companies including Intel, eHarmony and Microsoft as well as eMobile, Ltd (Japan). In a separate announcement today, a new strategic partnership with Yahoo! to provide voice service for its 97 million Messenger users was announced.

"JAJAH's impressive one-year, 600% customer acquisition rate is proof that customers feel the need for a truly global and affordable calling solution and JAJAH continues to deliver," said Christa S. Quarles, Thomas Weisel Partners research analyst. "Few companies have the breadth of expertise in the VoIP market to handle both consumer and enterprise. Specifically, JAJAH's two-pronged business model approach to consumers and businesses alike, along with its open voice platform should further solidify its presence as an innovative and rapidly growing telephony leader."

"We are thrilled to celebrate our second year and want to thank our loyal customers and partners in the JAJAH network for our growth and success," said JAJAH co-founder Daniel Mattes. "In only one year we have increased our total network subscriber base by more than five fold -- exceeding even our own expectations. We are even more delighted as we move into the next phase of our business strategy and turn our attention to serving growing business communication needs."

Its growing customer base across 200 countries is proof that there is a need for reliable, affordable and high-quality global calling solutions. Flexible to the user's need and location, JAJAH is accessible on a computer, mobile or landline phone and does not require any new hardware or software.

With additional industry validation from a group of 25 global carriers, JAJAH was recently named the Best Communication Solution by the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley. JAJAH has also begun monetizing telephone calls with its patent-pending pre-call advertising platform, which replaces wait time with value time. Whether it's white labeling an anonymous call application, providing a global calling network or servicing millions of calls on regular phones, JAJAH provides a boutique, future-proof business communications approach.


JAJAH, the world's most innovative communications company, offers flexible, next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses. JAJAH's award-winning services make it easier for people to stay in touch using any device, on any network, anywhere. Leveraging a universal open telecommunications platform, JAJAH's managed services allow mobile operators, landline carriers, cable companies, technology companies and other businesses to adopt its voice solutions with minimal investment and time to market. The leading global IP telephony company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information please visit

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