JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH

January 22, 2007 09:58 ET

JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH Once Again Optimizes the Quality of Their Semiconductor Material, JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH Increases the Output Power of Diode Lasers and JENOPTIK Unique-Mode GmbH Shines

SAN JOSÉ, CA and JENA, GERMANY--(CCNMatthews - January 22, 2007) - The optimal compatibility and cooperation of the two Jenoptik companies JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH and JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH have previously led to extraordinarily successful returns in the development of quality, reliability and performance of diode lasers. Working together with the new Jenoptik affiliate JENOPTIK unique-mode GmbH, the three companies are especially banking on their technological know-how for high-brightness of diode laser modules.

At the world famous annual Photonics West trade show in January in San Jose, CA, USA, JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH, JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH and JENOPTIK unique-mode GmbH -- since the beginning of the year united together as the Diode Laser Group of Jenoptik ( -- are once again able to present positive results and to comply with the expectations of the marketplace. Together the three Jenoptik companies will develop, produce and globally market high-power diode lasers -- for the benefit of customers, who now get it all from one source: from unassembled diode laser bars and single emitters to complete diode lasers with beam shaping, vertical and horizontal diode laser stacks as well as fiber-coupled diode laser modules.

JENOPTIK Diode Lab's new semiconductor plant opened in May of 2006 in Berlin and has since then produced high-quality diode laser bars -- the basis for diode lasers -- which JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH further processes using their proven assembly technology for high-power diode lasers that is aligned with the needs of the industry.

Optimizing the process of turning semiconductor material into bars with extraordinarily high quality at JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH in connection with a new assembly technology of JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH has led to another output increase in all heat-conduction cooled products. Diode lasers with a previous output of 60 W now allow for 80-100 W from one high-efficiency bar or up to 140 W from a fiber-coupled module based on two high-efficiency diode lasers. This means that all passively cooled diode lasers can now be used in the same power class as the actively cooled diode lasers -- for the benefit of users.

In addition to the increased power for all passively cooled diode lasers in cw-mode, a rise in output for diode lasers in pulse mode (qcw) to 200 W per bar was also achieved.

A further affirmation of quality demands was achieved through the surpassing of the power barrier of 1 kW optical output (in qcw mode) from a 10 mm bar without destroying the optical mirror. With this, the catastrophical-optical-mirror-damage level was raised to over 210 W / mm.

Of course JENOPTIK unique-mode GmbH, whose ventures in the fields of micro-optical system technology and assembly result in excellent products, also profits from the usage of the high efficiency semiconductor material from JENOPTIK Diode Lab GmbH as well as the high-quality diode lasers from JENOPTIK Laserdiode GmbH. The company will unveil a new fiber-coupled diode laser module (JUM20k/100/20) with a power output of 20 W from one fiber with a core diameter of 100 µm at Photonics West 2007. The module is based on the new JDL chip design and offers an extremely high-brightness as well as coupling efficiency.

Further details about the high-power diode lasers of the Diode Laser Group will be revealed during three presentations at Photonics West Conference in San Jose, CA, USA. Information about the entire product lines of the three companies of the Diode Laser Group will be available during Photonics West at the Jenoptik booth (number 1027).

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