January 07, 2008 11:18 ET

Jack 9 Entertainment Ushers in New Era of Targeted Online Advertising

Exa Exchange Allows Advertisers to Provide Relevant Content Seamlessly Regardless of Format or Size

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - Jack9 Entertainment Inc., the new media leader of vertically integrated Internet properties, including the popular Jack9 Internet television network/IPTV entertainment destination, today announced the completion and successful operational testing of its advanced ad serving platform, Exa Exchange. Exa Exchange ushers in a new era of targeted online advertising as it allows hyper-targeted video ads and transparent overlays to be streamed to any player, regardless of size.

Exa Exchange, launching early 2008, cuts through the IAB red tape and allows ads to be served to any site, any size player and any aspect ratio, whether it's 16:9, 3:2, 4:3 or other incremental sizes. Exa Exchange automatically resizes the video feed to fit any player. This ad-serving technology accepts various forms of video feed as well, including XML, RSS, HTML, Java, mRSS, etc. Exa Exchange's technology also extends to numerous video formats including Flash, WMV and others.

"With Exa Exchange, the possibilities and opportunities for relevant and targeted advertising are endless," said Richard Granville, CEO of Jack9. "This technology is the necessary tool Publishers must have if they're looking to super-charge their business and boost the bottom line. With Exa Exchange, there are no rules, only possibilities."

"Currently, the only IAB standard for video ads is 300 x 250 because it is the only ad size that has a useable aspect ratio. This limits the creativity and effectiveness of advertisers looking to capitalize on new-media business opportunities," said Kevin Kim, CIO of Jack9. "Exa Exchange technology knocks down these barriers and allows Publishers to seamlessly stream relevant content to their target audience."

Jack9's Exa Exchange technology will only be available to a limited number of companies, however. Jack9 will be offering seven companies the opportunity to capitalize on this game-changing technology. These seven "Seat holders," not including Jack9, will be able to offer Exa Exchange's technology to ad networks and media companies around the globe.

In addition to pioneering technology that ushers in a new era of advertising, Jack9 is also in the process of acquiring a Tier 1 online advertising agency. This company is a professional interactive advertising agency that delivers highly targeted advertising solutions across multiple platforms.

"2008 is already a technology trifecta for this company," said James Marcellino, President of Jack9. "We're bringing game-changing Exa Exchange technology to market, acquiring a Tier 1 online advertising agency, and releasing Yippy, a UMPC mobile entertainment and information delivery device that will redefine on-the-go entertainment."

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