December 27, 2009 19:00 ET

Jeep Grand Cherokee Tops Santa's Wish List

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 23, 2009) - Santa Claus would swop his sleigh for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to a poll by Swinton.

If Father Christmas was to trade in his sleigh for four wheels, Swinton customers believe Jeep's legendary Grand Cherokee 4x4 would be his vehicle of choice.

The survey of 1,200 motorists by Swinton, the UK's leading high street car insurance retailer, revealed the Range Rover Sport as their second choice for Mr Claus.

Fifteen per cent thought he would choose the environment over power, with the eco-friendly Toyota Prius coming third.

Fourth was the aptly named retro automobile, the Mercury Comet, followed by 50s classic car the Hilman Husky.

The five vehicles most suited to Santa Claus, according to Swinton customers were as follows:

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee (22%)

2. Range Rover Sport (18%)

3. Toyota Prius (15%)

4. Mercury Comet (9%)

5. Hilman Husky (7%)

Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager for Swinton said: "Everyone is familiar with Santa's sleigh and his nine reindeers but it's been interesting to see what vehicles motorists think he would drive. Both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Range Rover Sport offer excellent handling and traction in adverse weather conditions plus lots of boot space for all those presents. Santa could consider an LPG converted model to reduce CO2 emissions and cut fuel costs. The environmentally friendly Toyota Prius is an excellent choice for someone based in the North Pole and while The Hilman Husky and Mercury Comet appear to be sentimental choices, maybe some people think he would find comfort in driving a vehicle with the same name as one his reindeers."

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