March 31, 2010 09:00 ET

Jigsaw Accelerates With Gear6 Memcached Distro

Leading Business Data-as-a-Service Provider Scales With Leading Commercial Memcached Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - March 31, 2010) -  Gear6, the leading provider of Memcached solutions, today announced that Jigsaw, the highly popular, crowdsourced business directory of over 21 million contacts, has deployed Gear6 Web Cache as a foundation for scaling and real-time big data processing.

Like most other large web sites providing complex, dynamic content, Jigsaw had already discovered and benefited from the use of Memcached distributed caching software. Memcached was being used as a second-tier cache for Jigsaw's main database farm, reducing the load on Jigsaw's database and application server infrastructure.

However, as Jigsaw continues to experienced rapid membership and data growth, its requirements have expanded to include reduced architectural complexity (of database and caching tiers), fault tolerance, and increased transparency and manageability of its scaling/caching resources. Jigsaw initiated a project to address these challenges, which included augmenting Memcached functionality.

According to Jigsaw Architect Pawan Nachnani, building their own caching software was out of the question. After an evaluation of several open-source and commercial caching solutions, Jigsaw selected Gear6 Web Cache for its high availability, high-density memory support, scalability, and manageability features.

Nachnani further explained: "Gear6 Web Cache addressed all three of our key concerns about using Memcached. It is based on a flexible fault-tolerant architecture that lets us choose how much resilience we build into our caches. It completely does away with the 1 MB object size limitation, and it includes a sophisticated management system with multiple graphical, command-line and programmatic interfaces. Gear6's ability to deploy economical DRAM-flash configurations is a great scalability feature, and all of it is completely compatible with any code already written for Memcached. It just works."

"We're thrilled to hear that Gear6 Web Cache provided the answer to Jigsaw's Memcached requirements, and made a huge impact in performance and uptime while reducing complexity," said Joaquin Ruiz, Executive Vice President of Products at Gear6. "Memcached is a core protocol for both relational and NoSQL web architectures, but often requires a heavy operational investment. Gear6 lets companies like Jigsaw, that don't want to be in the caching business, scale-out cost effectively and stay competitive."

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