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May 02, 2008 08:04 ET

Jigsaw Health's "Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet" Tree Planting Program Aids Fragile Forest and Rainforest Ecosystems

Company Committed to Helping Those With Chronic Illnesses Planting Trees in Its "Going Green" Initiatives

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - May 2, 2008) - In the Southwest United States alone, nearly two million acres of forest are now gone, destroyed by recent catastrophic wildfires. An estimated 1.2 million hectares of Brazilian Amazon rainforest have been destroyed by illegal soya bean farming. And throughout Honduras, Panama, Belize, and Nicaragua, slash-and-burn farming is the leading cause of rainforest destruction in that region. This ongoing destruction upsets many land and water-based ecosystems, which in turn will take many, many years to replace. Plus, the loss of millions of trees increases the negative effects of carbon dioxide (CO2). Trees act as a carbon sink by removing the carbon from carbon dioxide and storing it as cellulose in the trunk while releasing the oxygen back into the air. One healthy tree stores around 13 pounds of carbon each year, or some 2.6 tons per acre every year.

Jigsaw Health, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based provider of nutritional foods, dietary supplements, educational information, and functional self-assessment testing materials for those suffering from chronic illnesses, has recognized the importance of helping restore the fragile ecosystems in areas devastated by wildfires and poor farming practices. The company, led by founder and CEO Pat Sullivan, is taking steps to help the environment through their new "Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet" tree planting program as well as introducing a company-wide "Going Green" initiative.

Jigsaw Health has entered into a partnership with the nation's oldest non-profit conservation organization, American Forests, and groups Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future. Jigsaw Health is planting a tree for every box of "Jigsaw Complete" -- their daily packets of natural vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and essential fats -- that is sold.

Pat Sullivan, Jr., President and Co-founder, also shared, "Our 'Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet' tree planting has been a great success so far. Since August 1st, 2007, we've planted 3,037 trees. And in addition to our tree planting program, Jigsaw Health is going completely green. Within the next 12 months, we are changing to recycled materials for all of our bottles, packaging, marketing collateral, and products used for internal consumption."

Among the tree planting initiatives for Jigsaw Health is American Forests' and the USDA Forest Service's joint national campaign, Wildfire ReLeaf. The large-scale tree planting program is designed to plant millions of trees in environmentally sensitive areas destroyed by recent wildfires. Trees are selected for what is needed in a particular area, whether it is to prevent soil erosion, improve soil's water retention, or add more nutrients back into the soil. These trees will help provide critical fish and wildlife habitats and stabilize slopes threatened by erosion. In addition to restoring ecosystems through the tree plantings, Wildfire ReLeaf educates people in community-based forestry and how it can promote healthy forest ecosystems, as well as strengthen the economies of communities that exist near forests.

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The Scottsdale, Arizona-based Jigsaw Health provides educational materials, nutritional foods, dietary supplements, and functional self-assessment tests geared toward those suffering from various chronic illnesses. Founded in 2005 by ACT!® contact management software inventor and former SalesLogix CEO Pat Sullivan, Sullivan established Jigsaw Health following his own personal struggle with debilitating, recurrent multiple chronic conditions. He is also the author of "Wellness Piece by Piece," a book that chronicles his 30-year struggle to piece together his chronic health puzzle, all while raising a family and successfully building the ACT!® and SalesLogix technology companies.

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