October 11, 2007 02:57 ET

Joint Message from ABN AMRO, Fortis, RBS and Santander

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - October 11, 2007) -

Supervisory and Managing Board Nominations and Responsibilities

ABN AMRO, Fortis, RBS and Santander announce today the nominations for the new structure and membership of the Supervisory and Managing Boards of ABN AMRO, together with their proposed responsibilities. These are subject to the completion of the appropriate approval process including an Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders called for by ABN AMRO at the earliest practical date as well as consultation with all relevant staff representative bodies.

The Supervisory Board will continue to be chaired by Mr Arthur Martinez. Nominated to join the Supervisory Board are Mr Jean-Paul Votron, Chief Executive of Fortis, Sir Fred Goodwin, Chief Executive of RBS, and Mr Juan Inciarte, General Manager of Santander. Mr David Baron de Rothschild, Mr Marcus Pratini de Moraes, Mr Paulo Scaroni, Lord Sharman of Redlynch and Mr Gerhard Randa will be stepping down at the forthcoming EGM.

For the Managing Board our intention is to increase both its resources and capabilities while providing increased leadership focus for Business Units and functions. The structure details (attached) show how existing responsibilities will map onto the proposed structure. In the period ahead we will be working on the allocation of further responsibilities to the leadership team as appropriate.

As announced by ABN AMRO yesterday Mr Rijkman Groenink is stepping down from his position as Chairman of the Managing Board. The other existing members of the Managing Board will retain positions with revised responsibilities.

Mr Groenink's nominated replacement as Chairman is Mr Mark Fisher, currently Chief Executive of the Manufacturing Division and a member of the RBS Group Board and Group Executive Management Committee.

This is an announcement pursuant to article 9b paragraph 1 of the Dutch Securities Markets Supervision Decree (Besluit toezicht effectenverkeer 1995). This document shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, nor shall there be any sale of securities, in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction.

Attached: Proposed Managing Board Structure, responsibilities and biographies.

Proposed Managing Board Structure

Wilco Jiskoot
Vice Chair
Private Equity

Karel de Boeck
Vice Chair
Group Human Resources
Group Communications
Group Public Affairs

Mark Fisher
Chairman of Group Business Committee
Group Audit
Group Compliance &  Legal

Brian Crowe
BU Global Clients
BU Global Markets
BU Transaction Banking

Piero Overmars
BU Asia
BU Europe

Paul Dor
BU Asset Management
BU Private Clients

Joost Kuiper
BU North America

Jan Peter Schmittmann
BU Netherlands

Marta Elorza Trueba

Javier Maldonado
BU Latin America

Ron Teerlink
Market Infrastructure

Huibert Boumeester
Chief Risk Officer
Group Risk Management

John Hourican
Chief Financial Officer
Group Finance

Nominated Supervisory Board Structure and Biographies

Sir Fred Goodwin
Chief Executive of RBS Group, appointed to the board in August  1998.
He is a non-executive director of Bank of China Limited and  Chairman
of The  Prince's  Trust.,  Formerly  Chief  Executive  and  director,
Clydesdale Bank PLC and Yorkshire Bank PLC.
Jean-Paul Votron
Chief Executive of Fortis since 2004. Between 1991 and 1997 he served
in different positions with Citibank in  Europe and the US. ABN  AMRO
Senior Executive  Vice-President International  Consumer Banking  and
E-Commerce from 1997 until 2001, he rejoined Citigroup, where he  was
appointed a member of the Management Committee of Citigroup in 2002.
Mr Juan Inciarte
CEO  of  Santander   Consumer  and  General   Manager  of   Santander
Group. Joined the Santander Group in 1985.  Appointed to the Board in
1991 until 1999.   Holds seat  on the Boards  of several Spanish  and
international companies.

Existing Supervisory Board Structure and Biographies

Arthur Martinez (Chairman)
Appointed Chairman of the  ABN AMRO Supervisory  Board in 2006  after
joining the Supervisory Board  in 2002. He is  a former Chairman  and
CEO of Sears, Roebuck & Co., Inc  and a former Chairman of the  Board
of Directors of  the Federal  Reserve Bank  in Chicago.  He has  also
served as Chairman  and Chief Executive  of Sears Merchandise  Group,
after a career at  Saks Fifth Avenue, New  York, starting in 1980  as
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In 1990 he  became
Vice Chairman and  member of  the Board  of Directors  of Saks  Fifth
André Olijslager (Vice Chairman)
André Olijslager was appointed to  the ABN AMRO Supervisory Board  in
2004 and became Vice Chairman in April 2006. He has previously served
as Chairman of the Board of Royal Friesland Foods and his career also
includes senior positions at Van Gelder Papier and Alpinvest.
Trude Maas
Appointed to  the  Supervisory  Board in  2000.  She  was  previously
President of the Hay Vision Society in 2001, a think tank for  trends
in the field  of Human Resources.  Mrs Maas also  worked as  business
developer at Hay  Management Consultants and  at Origin  Netherlands,
where she served on the Managing Board.

Rob van den Bergh
Appointed to the ABN AMRO Supervisory Board in 2005. Mr van den Bergh
joined VNU in  1980 and  held important  management positions  within
several business  groups  and  in  2000 was  named  Chairman  of  the
Executive Board. He retired  as Chairman of  the Executive Board  and
CEO in November 2005.
Anthony Ruys
Appointed to the  ABN AMRO Supervisory  Board in 2005.  From 1974  to
1993, Mr Ruys worked at Unilever where he held various marketing  and
general management positions. He then joined Heineken as a member  of
the Executive Board in 1993, became Vice Chairman in 1996 and in 2002
was named Chairman of the Executive Board. He retired as Chairman  in
Gert-Jan Kramer
Appointed to  the  ABN AMRO  Supervisory  Board in  2006.  Previously
President and Chief Executive Officer  of Fugro N.V. and Director  at
Broekhoven Baggermaatschappij Zeist. Also worked as a project manager
at Koninklijke Adriaan Volker Groep with the Royal Dutch Navy and  as
Design Engineer at  the Department  of Maritime  Construction of  the
Dutch Government.

Ana María Llopis Rivas
Appointed to the Supervisory Board in 2007. Dr Llopis was the founder
and CEO of Open Bank (1993-2000), the branchless internet bank of the
Santander Group. She also worked for, Banesto (1988-1991), where  she
was Associate  General  Manager  of  Branch  Network,  Marketing  and
Quality for Retail Banking.

Nominated Managing Board Structure and Biographies

Mark Fisher (Chairman)
A Director of Royal Bank of Scotland Group Board since March 2006. He
moved to RBS  following its  acquisition of  NatWest in  2000. He  is
currently Chief Executive of the Manufacturing division which manages
a  diverse  range  of  services  supporting  the  Group's  activities
including  IT,   Property,   Purchasing  and   back-office   services
functions. Joined  NatWest in  1981  and has  a first  class  honours
degree in Mathematics and an MBA from Warwick Business School.
Karel De Boeck (Vice-Chair, HR, Group Communications and Group Public
Member of the Executive Committee of Fortis, as Chief Risk Officer.
Wilco Jiskoot (Vice-Chair, Private Equity)
Currently  the  ABN  AMRO  Managing  Board  member  responsible  for:
Business  Unit  (BU)  Netherlands;  BU  Global  Clients;  BU  Private
Clients; BU Asset Management; and Private Equity (ABN AMRO  Capital).
Mr Jiskoot was appointed to the Managing Board in 1997.

Joost Kuiper (BU North America)
Currently Chairman of  the ABN AMRO  Group Business Committee  (GBC),
and Managing Board  member responsible for  Business Unit (BU)  North
America. He was appointed to the Managing Board in May 1999.
Brian Crowe (BU Global Clients, BU Global Markets and BU  Transaction
Banking) Currently the Chief Executive, Global Banking and Markets at
RBS, a position he has held since  2005.  He is also the Chairman  of
the  Wholesale  Committee  of  the  British  Bankers  Association,  a
Director of Coutts & Co and the Chairman of RBS Greenwich Capital.
Piero Overmars  (BU Asia and BU Europe)
Currently  the  ABN  AMRO  Managing  Board  member  responsible  for:
Business  Unit  (BU)  Asia;  BU   Global  Markets;  BU  Europe;   and
Antonveneta. He is  also Chairman of  the Commercial Client  Segment.
Appointed to the Managing Board in January 2006.
Paul Dor (BU Asset Management and BU Private Clients)
Currently  CEO  of   Special  Financial  Services   at  Fortis.   His
long-standing career  at Fortis,  which spans  nearly 40  years,  has
involved senior positions in Commercial and Corporate banking.
Jan Peter Schmittmann (BU Netherlands)
Currently  Chief   Executive  Officer   Business  Unit   Netherlands,
previously responsible for the business unit New Growth Markets.
Javier Maldonado (BU Latin America)
Head of the Wealth Management Division and U.K. corporate banking  at
Abbey, Santander's U.K. subsidiary.
Marta Elorza Trueba (Antonveneta)
Deputy managing director of internal auditing, Santander. Joined  the
Group in 1997, from Arthur Andersen, where she was a partner.
Ron Teerlink (Services and Market Infrastructures)
Currently responsible  for:  ABN  AMRO's  Business  Unit  (BU)  Latin
America; BU Transaction Banking; and Services, Market Infrastructure.
Appointed to the Managing Board in January 2006.
Huibert Boumeester (Chief Risk Officer and Group Risk Management)
Appointed to the ABN AMRO Managing Board in January 2006 and  current
responsibilities are: Chief Financial  Officer; Group Finance;  Group
Risk  Management;   Group   Strategic  Decision   Support;   Investor

Relations; Group Communications; and Group Public Affairs.
John Hourican (Chief Finance Officer)
Currently Head  of  Leveraged Finance  for  Europe and  Asia  Pacific
within RBS's Global  Banking &  Markets division.  He was  previously
Chief Operating Officer for GBM.  A chartered accountant who  trained
with Price Waterhouse, he has held a number of Finance Director roles
within RBS.


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