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Nintendo of Canada

February 22, 2010 10:00 ET

Junior High School "Activates" Students With Wii Fit Plus

Halifax school incorporates Wii Fit Plus into extra-curricular programming

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There was a time when most kids would consider the thought of video games in the classroom to be a pipe dream. But thanks to the revolutionary Wii™ system, that dream is becoming a reality, and one that is benefiting both teachers and their students.

A junior high school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has created a Wii Fit™ Plus Club, a program aimed at getting students more physically active during school hours by integrating the popular Wii Fit Plus video game into their weekly routine. The idea came to Physical Education teacher Janet Wells two years ago after experiencing the benefits of the original top-selling title Wii Fit at home. Realizing the potential positive impact the activities offered by the game could have on students, Wells formed the club, which meets once a week over the lunch hour and is free to any student who wants to participate.

Since its inception, the club has upgraded to Wii Fit Plus to provide students with a wider array of activities. The upgrade only required the club to incorporate the Wii Fit Plus software, as the school already had a Wii Balance Board™ accessory, which is compatible with both the original and latest versions of the game. Wells also incorporates Wii Fit Plus into her daily physical education classes by incorporating a Wii Fit Plus station into her fitness circuit or having the whole class participate in yoga and strength training activities.

"It can be a challenge to find ways to engage today's kids within the school environment with activities that are both fun and beneficial," said Janet Wells, Physical Education teacher. "By using Wii Fit Plus, students of all ages and abilities can have fun interacting with each other while improving their posture, coordination, agility and flexibility. We're absolutely thrilled with the reaction these kids have had to this program."

Students in grades seven through nine are invited to drop into the Wii Fit Plus Club program to spend an hour each week practicing a variety of activities including aerobics, yoga, strength training and balance moves. The activities are projected onto a large LCD screen while students take turns carrying out the various activities on the Wii Balance Board. The program also offers activities for the more adventurous students, including Snowball Fight – a fan favourite with the students. As workouts can be set to any duration, the program offers flexibility and the option to customize each routine to the varying needs and abilities of students, ranging from working on fitness goals to targeting areas that teachers and kids alike are looking to improve upon.

Wii Fit Plus, an enhanced version of the popular original Wii Fit, has evolved the breadth and depth of video games into the fitness realm, working from the Wii gaming platform that has attracted millions of new and veteran gamers with its easy-to-learn wireless controls and entertaining active-play gaming features. The console has redefined modern video gaming with titles like Wii Fit Plus, and has helped Nintendo to expand outside of the conventional arena and into family rooms, senior citizen facilities, and most recently, a school with an offering that gets people moving and interacting with each other – something no other system had previously made possible.

The program is continuing to attract students looking to infuse fun-focused fitness training into their daily routines and is looking to expand the club into a twice weekly offering.

Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Balance Board are available in a single product package at a suggested retail price of $99.95. Wii users who already own the original Wii Fit can purchase the Wii Fit Plus software separately at a suggested retail price of $24.95. The Wii system is sold separately at a suggested retail price of $219.95. All suggested pricing is in Canadian dollars.

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