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November 08, 2007 12:30 ET

Just in Case, We Can Live in Costa Rica

Creating a Green "Plan B"

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - November 8, 2007) - Talk to Al Benner about his "Costa Rica Vacation Property," and you'll get the sense you're listening to a survivalist, ecologist, farmer and surfer all rolled into one. Al is one of many Americans who believe our economy is going in the toilet (Global Warming). We're running out of fossil fuel, and we're making our air unbreathable. He's convinced he needs a "Plan B."

A successful entrepreneur with twin toddlers, three businesses and three homes, Al is one of a growing number of Americans who feel that they need to think about what they will do when things get bad. Since 9-11, many believe we could face -- due to terrorists, or a lack of resources or both, a sort of "Mad Max" future. Fuel and food will be scarce, violence will be rampant and people will struggle to feed and protect their families. And these same people, Al included, have been born and raised in the America we know -- a land of shopping malls and two car garages.

Enter Al's Plan B. "We've decided to create a place where we can grow our own food, live "off the grid" with sustainable energy, and basically escape if things get bad here. And, in the meantime, it's a nice vacation spot." Al, his wife and a few friends purchased 150 acres of farm land in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Coast in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Each took dibs on a two acre, ocean view lot, and they are selling 15 or 20 more lots to "like minded" people who may have the same near-term Costa Rica vacation or long-term escape plan instincts. The rest of the rugged, mountainous "farm" is set aside to reforest, grow food or explore.

Energy independent, "Finca Las Brisas" (Farm of the Breezes), will be an eco community where people can build a modest vacation home if they agree to conserve energy, work with local people and resources, and avoid the excesses and commercialism that runs rampant in America, and frankly even in eco-conscious Costa Rica. Community members can even work the land and share in the harvest if they like.

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