November 20, 2009 15:30 ET Continues Weekly Digital Security Video Series

USA Today Digital Security Expert Video Released on JustAskGemalto's YouTube Channel

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - November 20, 2009) - After a successful debut of the first Digital Security Expert Series trailer, JustAskGemalto today announces the launch of the first full expert interview on their YouTube channel. This Friday's video features USA Today's highly acclaimed, Internet security reporter, Byron Acohido, talking specifically about current and widespread digital threats.

According to a post on USA Today's Technology Live blog, a leading virus protection company, Symantec, is reporting that scammers are becoming more advanced. Bots are now being created that can potentially ruin a computer without any possibility of recovery. Average computer users and corporations alike are at risk for these stealth attacks, and according to Acohido, "Awareness is not at the level it needs to be. There is plenty of pain now with cyber criminals attacking both individuals' computers and corporations' databases intensively."

Details of JustAskGemalto's interview with Byron Acohido

Quotes from USA Today, Byron Acohido

  • "The number one threat today, hands down, are malicious links. That's the number one attack tool that bad guys are using."
  • "One of the driving factors... of rising level of threat is due to the convenience factor and you've embraced it too quickly to do all these things, without slowing down to consider the consequences."
  • "They'll [criminals] basically just capture your login password, automate the process of watching when you login and carry on a transaction in the background, adjusting your statement page so you don't see the transaction. You actually see the numbers you think you should see, but in the background they're pulling out $2000."

Continue following JustAskGemalto's Digital Security Expert Video Series for upcoming interviews with Amazon, Computerworld, CrunchGear, MSNBC, National Cyber Security Alliance, and PC Magazine.

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