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October 05, 2007 14:11 ET

KDPaine & Partners Announces DIY Dashboard 3.0

New Utility Includes Automatic KPI Metrics, Advanced Filtering Technology and Google News and YouTube Content

BERLIN, NH--(Marketwire - October 5, 2007) - KDPaine & Partners, the New Hampshire-based communications measurement company, today announced the availability of version 3.0 of its popular DIY Dashboard software. Version 3.0 now offers two significant new benefits. The first, dubbed KdPI, is an automated metrics tool, that instantly translates thousands of data point into a simple metrics table. The table can be customized around the specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for any program or department. The new version also includes "FilterView," a feature that enables the client to filter for specific subjects or topics. This enables the client to include or exclude articles instantaneously to better put their results into context and create on-the-fly reports on specific topics. Other new features include the ability to track content from the Google News front page and YouTube.

"One of the things we hear all the time is 'Can you do a special report on this crisis or this launch?' DIY 3.0's new FilterView functionality enables us to produce that report almost instantly," explained KDPaine & Partners' CEO, Katie Delahaye Paine. "FilterView enables communications professionals to include or exclude whole topics as needed. For example, while the ASPCA uses ongoing trend analysis to show progress over time, the recent dog fighting controversy involving Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick sent its coverage soaring. However, while the ASPCA is certainly involved in the issue, it had no direct proactive role in the story. With FilterView, ASPCA's VP of Communications Shonali Burke can instantly produce a special report that just shows how ASPCA is positioned in the media surrounding the crisis. She can also exclude the Vick coverage from the ongoing performance analysis," explained Paine.

Other new features include the ability to automatically import data from the default front page of Google News throughout the day, more closely mimicking how a real user interacts with the site. Dashboard subscribers can also include YouTube content as a part of their regular social media reports. "With 55.1 million people visiting YouTube in July '07, spending an average 50 minutes at the site, and a total of nine billion video downloads this year already, YouTube is going to have an ever-increasing role in shaping reputation. Our clients need to be able to evaluate the impact of YouTube on their reputation," explained Paine.

The DIY Dashboard is a web-based application that enables communications professionals to quickly and easily generate charts, graphs or entire dashboards. It combines software with professional consulting to enable communications professionals to produce their own evaluation reports in order to make more informed strategic decisions.

"What sets the DIY Dashboard apart is that it is fully customized around an organization's needs. We pre-program it with the organization's KPIs, brands, products, competitors, messages and spokespeople. We also custom design the charts and dashboard to the client's specifications," said Paine.

Advanced versions of DIY Dashboard 3.0 offer the ability to integrate data from internal communications, web server statistics, sales lead programs and survey research. Additionally, if a client outgrows the Do-It-Yourself version, KDPaine & Partners also offers custom coding and analysis to relieve the burden of data entry.

Pricing for the DIY Dashboard starts at $300 per month. The upgrade is free to existing users.

KDPaine & Partners is a Berlin, New Hampshire-based consultancy that provides measurement services and counseling to organizations worldwide. Additionally it publishes KDPaine's Measurement Blog and The Measurement Standard.

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