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KORE Telematics

January 08, 2007 08:02 ET

KORE Telematics Introduces m2mSecureLink-Digital GSM Data Services for Low-Use Applications

Optimized Service for Analog and Control Channel Network Users Needing Migration due to Sunset Clause Obsolescence

HERNDON, VIRGINIA--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 8, 2007) - KORE Telematics, North America's largest independent provider of wireless GSM services for the machine to machine (M2M) market, today announced the early introduction of m2mSecureLink™, designed to meet the needs of current and emerging customers who demand reliable, future-proofed, digital GSM services for ultra-low use M2M and telemetry applications.

KORE Telematics currently has over 340 application providers that use the company's network to drive high reliability machine communications services. Customer M2M applications range from real-time vehicle location to utility metering, payment processing, landfill monitoring, asset management, personnel tracking and more.

"m2mSecureLink™ has been many months in development," said Alex Brisbourne, president and chief operating officer for KORE Telematics. "As the largest independent provider of GSM services to the M2M and telematics markets in North America, we have now delivered a class leading data offering to meet the needs of many users shortly to be left high and dry under the impending analog Sunset Clause. With our multiple operator agreements and buying strength, we have been able to design a program especially for this market."

Typically, analog low-use applications have demanded only low levels of data capacity - often as little as a simple communication each week or month. As a result, these applications have been able to operate on low capacity, often analog, network services which are starting to be decommissioned with February 18, 2008 as the first date mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Wherever the wireless telecommunications industry requires this spectrum, the market will see those networks decommissioned immediately.

The appeal of these analog systems has primarily been their low cost, often as little as $2 monthly in some applications. Advanced digital services give long life expectancy and the ability to make applications more 'rich', but at a price. With m2mSecureLink™, the advantages of digital, and the entry costs of these limited capability networks have been merged.

"More than one million M2M users are facing the reality of obsolescence over the next months and years, as control channel, paging networks and Mobitex services disappear. KORE has stepped up to deliver a unique, reliable, service offering that leverages all our existing platform services, and can get new customers on network in days," concluded Brisbourne.

For application service providers who deliver mission-critical, 24/7 services such as residential alarm systems, asset tracking including 'buy-here pay-here' leasing and AMR and utility applications, m2mSecureLink™ is ideal for their use.

One of the first customers for the m2mSecureLink™ service is InGrid Inc. "InGrid designed a digital home protection system that is almost impossible to defeat because of its redundancies in architecture and outgoing communications channels. Starting with broadband backed up by dial-up telephony, we needed the final link - a 100% reliable wireless service to enable communications to our network services and professional monitoring," said Louis A. Stilp, president and chief executive officer for InGrid, Inc.

"We are enabling broadband service providers to enter the residential and small business security market with our new broadband integrated service. Essential to these providers is a flexible, digital wireless data capability that can be used on demand, provide real protection for their customers - yet meet our exacting commercial and technical terms. KORE met all these conditions with its innovative m2mSecureLink™ service offering," concluded Stilp.

m2mSecureLink™ is available in North America and can support both SMS and GPRS data bearer services. In addition, and uniquely to KORE, enterprise users benefit from 'one-rate' pricing throughout the USA and Canada as well as support services within Mexico.

About KORE Telematics:

KORE Telematics, headquartered in Herndon, VA, is the largest independent provider of business class all digital wireless services for the M2M (machine-to-machine) market. With operations in Canada and the USA, KORE provides service to more than 300 applications providers in a broad cross-section of segments. Providing the most comprehensive set of platform services and support available in the M2M market including unbundled, aggregated services, and backed by flexible usage-based call management and billing output services, KORE launches tested and approved M2M services quickly, inexpensively and reliably. For more information, please visit http://www.koretelematics.com/.

About InGrid Inc:

InGrid was founded in 2004 to provide a new class of broadband enabled Digital Home Protection services for the residential and small business security market, principally through major broadband providers. InGrid's next generation systems and services provide better protection than most dealer-installed systems, are almost impossible to defeat, and can be controlled from a cordless telephone, cell phone or web browser. Headquartered in Berwyn, PA InGrid has raised over $16m in two rounds of financing and been awarded 13 US patents. For more information, please visit www.ingridhome.com.

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