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December 01, 2009 08:05 ET

Kaleida Health Monitors Flu Cases With Oracle® Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

Healthcare Provider Applies BI Rapidly to Help Track and Report Flu Cases Across Five-Hospital System and Manage Staffing Levels

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News Facts

  • Kaleida Health, the largest health care provider in Western New York, is monitoring daily cases of patients showing flu symptoms being treated across its five-hospital system with the help of a business intelligence (BI) dashboard developed using Oracle® Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI Suite EE).
  • The dashboard enables a team of 35 at Kaleida Health including hospital presidents, Chief Nursing Officers, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Chief Medical Officer, and others, to understand trends related to patients with flu symptoms, and track trends related to staff with flu-like symptoms.
  • Additionally, the dashboard tracks how the trending information impacts staffing levels at its hospitals, and reports the number of cases of patients with flu symptoms to the New York State Department of Health.
  • The Flu Monitoring Dashboard is updated automatically daily and replaces previously manual efforts by hospital staff to track patients showing flu-like symptoms from reports run daily.

Flu Monitoring Dashboard Part of Broad BI and Analytics System Deployed by Kaleida Health

  • Kaleida Health's Flu Monitoring Dashboard highlights:
    • Current in-house patients with flu symptoms in aggregate, per hospital and as a percentage compared to the total number of in-house patients across Kaleida Health hospitals;
    • Graphs tracking trends of patient visits to Emergency Departments with flu symptoms at each of Kaleida Health's hospitals;
    • In-house patient and outpatient with flu symptoms trends over the last 13 months; and,
    • Total number of Kaleida Health employees calling in sick with flu-like symptoms by day, by role and by hospital
  • The Flu Monitoring Dashboard, prototyped and developed within a week's time in September 2009, is just one of over 25 executive dashboards available to Kaleida Health's management team via the organization's "Magellan" Balanced Scorecard system, which is powered by Oracle BI Suite EE.
  • Magellan helps Kaleida Health's management team monitor metrics and Key Performance Indicators across five categories: Financial, Quality, Staffing, Operational, and Growth and Strategic.
  • In addition to offering executives an accurate overview of daily operations and finances, the system's dashboards helps guide strategic decision-making from exploring expansion and development of new lines of business, to physician recruitment and staff retention, and beyond.
  • Oracle BI Suite EE runs on top of an Oracle Database-powered data warehouse that includes data from various systems running at Kaleida Health including financial, billing, payroll and clinical applications.
  • Buffalo, New York-based Kaleida Health went into production with Oracle BI Suite EE in August 2009.
  • Magellan will be rolled out to over 600 employees across Kaleida Health in 2010.

Supporting Quote

  • "With the flu season starting up in early September, we were able to pull together all of the necessary information on a single dashboard page in about a week's time," said Dan Gerena, Director of Business Intelligence and Corporate Analytics, Kaleida Health. "It's a very different paradigm for reporting now with Oracle BI Suite EE. It was a very quick process in terms of building the Flu Monitoring Dashboard, getting new users up and running, educating them on what the metrics are, and showing them how to access the dashboard."

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