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April 01, 2010 09:00 ET

Kantar Health Launches Positioning Framework

Kantar Health's Positioning Framework Provides Clients With Rigorous Methodology to Identify Their Optimal Positioning

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 1, 2010) -  Kantar Health (, a leading healthcare-focused global consultancy and marketing insights company, today announced the launch of its newly refined global positioning framework -- a holistic, multi-phased approach that helps clients build optimal positionings to serve as the core foundation for their products' marketing strategy.

Kantar Health has developed a well-thought-out framework for both developmental work and testing to identify the optimal positioning for a new product or the repositioning of an existing brand. At the center of this framework is the Kantar Health Positioning Wheel, which considers the essential components of any strong positioning:

  • Customer target
  • Competitive context/frame of reference
  • Brand promise
  • Brand character/personality
  • Aspirational strategy

Organizational and team strategy alignment workshops and the use of creative and innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies help uncover the market's "white space" and the customers' functional and emotional needs that will ultimately direct positioning opportunities. 

"Perhaps no other topic in pharmaceutical brand strategy is more important than product positioning," said John Tapper, Ph.D., Marketing Insights. "For research to make a real impact, we must be both flexible and rigorous. This approach does just that, bringing structured thinking to bear alongside flexible qualitative methods. This combination, along with a focus on organizational alignment, helps ensure that the broader team is operating from the same 'positioning playbook.' Kantar Health's positioning framework acts as a roadmap for our clients to direct the process and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the exhaustive exploration of positioning opportunities."

Through this disciplined yet creative approach to addressing each "spoke" in the Positioning Wheel, Kantar Health recognizes the importance of building positionings that are credible, differentiating, sustainable and consistent with an organization's long-term aspirational strategy.

"One aspect that I think differentiates our approach is the amount of upfront developmental work conducted internally within the organization. Through a series of workshops with the broader brand and agency teams, we're in a much better place to focus and align our follow-on exploration of high-potential positioning opportunities," Dr. Tapper said. "Positioning is not just about customer-driven ideas -- although that's critical; it's also a strategic endeavor. Without strategic alignment and an exhaustive examination of the current and future marketplace, you're at risk for not developing a long-term, sustainable positioning." 

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Kantar Health is a leading healthcare-focused global consultancy, specializing in portfolio optimization, market access, safety and outcomes, and brand and customer insights. Formed by uniting Consumer Health Sciences, MattsonJack, TNS Healthcare and Ziment, it is the next-generation decision support partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, delivering evidence-based guidance to support clients' global and local success.

With 40+ offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Kantar Health provides the broadest global footprint, coupled with the strongest local knowledge to help drive clients' maximum performance in every geography. Market-leading solutions ensure optimal decisions and actions across the brand life cycle, from assessing opportunities and sizing markets... to developing products and building access strategies... to positioning brands and creating messaging... to managing stakeholder relationships and monitoring treatment outcomes.

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