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December 10, 2007 07:35 ET

Kazeon Introduces New Software & Products to Enable Intelligent and Automated eDiscovery at a Much Lower Cost

Enables Companies to Bring eDiscovery In-House, Reduce Manual & Labor-Intensive Processing and Reduce Over-Collection

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - December 10, 2007) - Kazeon Systems, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent eDiscovery solutions, today announced the availability of version 3 of its Information Access Platform software and Information Server product line, featuring numerous eDiscovery enhancements. The Kazeon Information Server is the first product to integrate the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) stages of identification, collection, preservation, processing and analysis into a single enterprise solution for companies seeking to create a defensible and repeatable eDiscovery process that is complete, accurate and reliable.

Traditional eDiscovery approaches are inefficient and expensive, exposing companies to delays and the risk that critical documents and emails cannot be identified in a timely fashion. Over-collection of documents and emails can cause processing and review costs to skyrocket unnecessarily. Given the fact that companies are looking to bring eDiscovery functions in-house in order to achieve higher relevancy, more predictable costs and faster discovery turnaround, Kazeon's Information Server has been specifically designed to enable companies to significantly shorten the time it takes to identify, collect, process and analyze electronically stored information, thereby curtailing unnecessary eDiscovery costs. Kazeon version 3 capabilities enable companies in every industry sector to use the Information Server to lower everyday eDiscovery management costs by up to 80 percent.

"Corporations are making significant investments to bring their eDiscovery activities -- identification, collection, preservation and processing -- in-house in order to gain better control, increase re-use of data and reduce cost and risk," said George Socha, founder of Socha Consulting LLC.

"eDiscovery can be costly if not well managed. We use Kazeon to help us prepare for and respond to eDiscovery requests," said Laurence Denny, Director of Corporate & Legal Affairs of TiVo Inc. "We look forward to using the new eMail support and legal features in Kazeon version 3."

Version 3 incorporates a number of eDiscovery-focused features, including:

--  Analysis: Improved user interface and analysis tools. Kazeon eMail
    thread management links related email messages to provide a complete
    chronology of entire email discussions, including replies, forwards, CCs
    and BCCs. Thread viewing quickly identifies all relevant aspects of the
    discussion, showing who knew what and when they knew it. Through Kazeon's
    search interface, users can quickly and effectively evaluate ESI to analyze
    content based on summary and detail reports, metadata analysis, key
    players, strings, key topics and other subject matter. Users may then take
    an appropriate action directly from the search interface.
--  Collection: Kazeon provides unique Single Step Collection™
    technology that allows extremely rapid, targeted collections of ESI for
    review and analysis. Kazeon enables companies to conduct targeted
    collections to address very specific matters, as well as broad collections
    of ESI from multiple sources and locations. Kazeon retains ESI in its
    native format and users can easily apply litigation hold to documents and
    emails, copying ESI to a secure location only accessible by authorized
--  Preservation: Legal hold features ensure that ESI is protected from
    destruction and alterations. Kazeon gives users features to architect
    defensible preservation protocols using either "staging areas" for
    litigation holds and initiating in-place holds. Kazeon's extensible
    technology also allows companies to leverage their existing investments to
    secure ESI to compliant storage devices and archive applications such as
    Symantec Enterprise Vault, Plasmon UDO Archive, NetApp Snaplock and EMC
--  Processing: To help narrow the scope and cull ESI, Kazeon provides a
    set of pre-configured report templates and an advanced search interface.
    Kazeon has extensive duplicate management features, including de-
    duplication of content during the collection process to reduce over-
    collection. Additionally, Kazeon can de-duplicate during the processing &
    culling phase by enabling "Smart Tagging" to eliminate identical, non-
    responsive documents in bulk without having to individually tag and
    eliminate them. Users can quickly run summary and detailed reports against
    the information, quickly identifying duplicates and unnecessary documents
    and emails based on reports and search, including: advanced, fuzzy,
    proximity, custodian, date range, keyword and concept searches utilizing
    multiple search terms. Because the Kazeon interface allows users to take
    action on data, users can easily and safely remove duplicate and
    unnecessary information from the collected data set directly from the
    report and search interface.
--  eMail Support: Kazeon now has the broadest set of eMail capabilities
    in support of customer eDiscovery requirements, including native
    connectivity to Microsoft Exchange servers, Microsoft Exchange and SMTP-
    based Internet eMail journals, PST, OST, MSG and EML files and native
    connectivity to Symantec Enterprise Vault archives.

Combined with the Information Server's existing features, Kazeon's customers have the lowest price per document and price per terabyte for eDiscovery requests in the industry. According to a recent ESG Lab test, Kazeon's Information Server provides a price per document ratio at less than a penny per document and the ability to crawl, index and search at $4,300 per terabyte.

The new eDiscovery capabilities of Kazeon complement partner solutions, such as Atlas from PSS Systems, by automating execution of holds and retention policies on distributed data.

"Kazeon is the most refreshingly powerful entrant to the legal discovery market in years," said Richard Davis, Managing Director of Litigation Logistics, LLC. "The Information Access and data classification capabilities of the Kazeon Information Server represent the Holy Grail of eDiscovery. It's a single investment solution that can be leveraged by in-house counsel, records retention managers, internal auditors and profit centers for a host of different initiatives -- this isn't just litigation cost containment, it's enterprise cost containment."

"eDiscovery is not driven solely by litigation. It also includes Information Security & Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Investigations and more," said Sudhakar Muddu, CEO of Kazeon. "Kazeon has delivered a product that enables customers to easily and cost effectively implement solutions to a broad range of eDiscovery challenges."

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Kazeon revolutionizes the way companies perform eDiscovery by using Information Access technology to intelligently search, classify and act on electronically stored information. Kazeon provides a full spectrum of proactive and reactive eDiscovery solutions in response to litigation, information security and privacy, corporate investigations, regulatory compliance and storage consolidation requirements. The Kazeon Information Server software automates eDiscovery functions from identification through processing and analysis. Through the development of unique indexing, tagging, and automation technology, Kazeon has established partnerships with leading companies, including BearingPoint, Fujitsu Siemens, Google, Network Appliance, Oracle and Symantec. Kazeon's award-winning products are helping an increasing number of companies to significantly reduce the risk, duration and cost of eDiscovery matters while increasing visibility and control over electronically stored information. For more information, visit or call +1-877-KAZEON1.

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