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Kickbike America LLC

June 21, 2010 13:55 ET

Kickbike America LLC Announces the Release of a New Line of Scooters Complementing Their Existing Fleet

Do Kickbike America's New Models Have the Solution to America's Obesity Problem?

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -  Kickbike America is offering their new Kickbikes to be available for sale June 21st. Now Americans can get fit while having fun at the same time which many believe is the key to getting people off the couch. If a person doesn't realize they are working out then it will not seem like exercise and will most likely result in a new habit.

The new Kickbikes include the Freeride, targeting kids over the age of five. The Sport G4, for the practical minded that are great for commuting to work or running errands. The Cross Max, with shocks on the front fork that can be used for trail riding. Now dog-scootering enthusiasts can keep up with their dogs while they exercise. Lastly, the Sport Max, for those who want the fastest and smoothest cruising out there!

These "footbikes" as they are also known, may benefit people of all ages and not just athletes. They allow kids to take a break from their video games and get outside. Teenagers use them to get across their college campus faster to make it to their class on time. Adults are even starting to use them to commute to work in order to avoid sitting in lengthy traffic jams all the while burning those extra calories without even thinking about working out. With such a low impact on the body, aging recreational athletes are finding huge physical benefits of Kickbiking over running. The force exerted on the body is dramatically decreased. 

Kickbiking Benefits

  • Direct toning of the muscles in the legs, hips and core to help with that beer belly and those love handles
  • Increased hip flexor strength to help increase speed in runners 
  • Savings on gas money over using a car
  • Provides for a cleaner environment instead of driving
  • Easy to maintain without greasy parts

David Nadolski, CEO of Kickbike America, constantly receives comments such as "I feel like a kid again on one my scooter" and "I'm the coolest mom at school my daughter tells me." However, he says it should be noted that these are not for the shy as curious onlookers have been known to shout out "hey, look at that" and "cool bike." People may find it hard to get a workout in as they may get stopped frequently by people asking about them. 

About Kickbike America

Kickbike America has been providing superior quality adult scooters in America since 2004. The new generation of Kickbikes set to be released for sale on June 21st includes enhancements to the frame's strength, increased ground clearance with a flatter bottom tube, and light weight aluminum frames allowing for faster "kicking" and more comfort. 

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