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Kinaxis Corporation

July 14, 2009 08:01 ET

Kinaxis Enhances S&OP Capabilities and Enters New Market with Release of RapidResponse 9.4

Supply chain management service provider delivers latest product release with notable enhancements in four key areas

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - July 14, 2009) - Kinaxis(TM) Inc. today announced the availability of its newly enhanced RapidResponse(TM) service that empowers multi-enterprise manufacturers with the collaborative and integrated demand-supply planning, monitoring, and response capabilities required in today's complex and dynamic world.

With RapidResponse 9.4, Kinaxis has further productized the S&OP and supply chain risk management functions, as well as added critical analytics that serve pressing needs and new markets. The specific goals of this release included:

Enhancing S&OP and supply chain risk management

RapidResponse 9.4 delivers increased capabilities for the executive sales & operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain risk management processes. While companies are elevating the importance of both of these areas given the economy and other risks to their supply chains, little focus has been paid to the intersection and integration of these functions - that is, applying risk management techniques to the S&OP decision-making process to ensure sound and sustainable plans.

RapidResponse 9.4 has new features for enabling this capability, including applications to review historical and projected supply, demand, inventory and capacity data at multiple aggregate levels in order to support the executive S&OP review. Additionally, RapidResponse 9.4 includes an application specifically focused on identifying risk associated with the current sourcing strategy used by an organization.

When combined with the superior what-if planning functions of RapidResponse, these applications provide the following capabilities for S&OP and risk management:

- range planning supported through scenario simulations and forecast types;

- product hierarchies that support editing and viewing of data at both detailed and aggregate levels;

- analytics that support full multi-sourced materials and capacity analysis;

- forecast collaboration with customers and suppliers.

Despite large investments in traditional demand planning and supply chain planning tools, decision-makers have continued to rely on manual efforts, complicated spreadsheets and other makeshift measures to gain the flexibility they need to analyze data and act upon it as and when required. RapidResponse enables the integration of demand and supply planning, along with the capacity to monitor performance to a plan and proactively address events and activities that could put the plan at risk - in effect, instituting a capacity for continuous S&OP.

Addressing the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry

With the inclusion of new analytics, RapidResponse 9.4 supports entry into additional markets for Kinaxis. For example, RapidResponse 9.4 includes specific functionality required by pharmaceutical companies to better understand and manage inventory expiry, which can play a significant role in supply/demand matching and therefore has direct impact on both revenue and inventory costs. Additionally, release 9.4 includes a 'periods-of-coverage' analytic that supports the longer term inventory visibility that is compulsory for many pharmaceutical manufacturers.

These have been market-driven innovations as a result of the interest within the Pharmaceutical industry in using RapidResponse for S&OP requirements, specifically the need to balance production efficiency with risk of inventory expiry by modeling optimistic and pessimistic demand scenarios.

Increasing depth and value to High-tech, A&D, and Industrial Equipment industries through part substitution

RapidResponse 9.4 adds global and bill of material (BOM) specific part substitution analytics to an already rich and comprehensive list of capabilities. By substituting an available part for a part that is projected to be short, companies can improve responsiveness while reducing excess inventory. This analytic also helps avoid part obsolescence caused by engineering changes by effectively planning the inventory consumption of an old part before incorporating the new part.

Continuing to invest in product architecture

Lastly, Kinaxis continues to heavily invest in ongoing advancement of its underlying product architecture. As such, RapidResponse 9.4 also boasts improvements in such key performance areas as:

- exceptional server performance and reliability, designed to compute complex supply chain analytics in seconds;

- simplified usability pushing results further still in terms of ease of use, faster time to value, and increased speed of adoption for user communities that can measure in the thousands; and

- simplified two-way data integration with external systems, reducing required IT resources all the more.

"I am proud of the strides we have made with this product release," says Doug Colbeth, Chairman and CEO of Kinaxis. "With RapidResponse 9.4, Kinaxis continues to solidify its unique value proposition as a single solution to the broad, and often intertwined, set of supply chain challenges faced by today's manufacturers. With this latest release, RapidResponse is an ever more powerful tool for manufacturers across varied industries, to plan and manage their business amid an increasingly volatile environment."

RapidResponse 9.4 is immediately available.

About Kinaxis:

Kinaxis(TM) helps manufacturers manage increasing business complexity and achieve operations performance breakthroughs with its proven solution for demand and supply chain planning, monitoring and response. Kinaxis RapidResponse is an on-demand service that enables collective risk tradeoff and response to change by empowering front-line decision makers with integrated tools for supply chain visibility, demand management, supply management, sales and operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain risk management. Global leaders such as Casio, Jabil, Qualcomm, and Raytheon are realizing superior customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage with RapidResponse. For more information visit or the Kinaxis blog at

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