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March 26, 2007 11:07 ET

Kirk Douglas Blitzes the Internet From 'MySpace' to 'YouTube' to Interest Younger Generation in 'Let's Face It'

HOBOKEN, N.J.--(Collegiate Presswire - March 26, 2007) - Actor Kirk Douglas is determined to reach America's younger generation. Following the message in his December 90th birthday editorial, Douglas is focused again on getting his social action message ("Let's Face It: The World Is A Mess") to 20-somethings on the internet's most visited websites: MySpace, YouTube and

On the publication of his 9th book "Let's Face It," dedicated to his grandchildren, Douglas stated: "Many young people know me as Michael Douglas' father. Some don't know my name at all ... they can google me! I am addressing them as a fellow American who is urging them to vote in 2008 and take social action to repair the world. There is no guarantee in this country that they will be successful but they always have a chance ... like I did. Nothing should interfere with human rights. They need to speak up, rebel, and make sure that nothing stands in the way." In his book, Douglas talks about his life voyage from poverty to stardom.

Douglas, who broke the McCarthy black list, has actively sided with human rights his whole life. He recently celebrated his 90th birthday.

Douglas continued: "I believe in the power of the internet. This is the first book that I am promoting virtually because I am hoping that my universal message will spread on blogs and websites. We live in a global world and the future is in the hands of the younger generation."

Excerpt from "Let's Face It":

I started life as a poor boy who didn't have enough to eat, I became a crook. The next door neighbor had a fine tomato garden -- tomatoes are my favorite vegetable. One day when I sneaked in the garden and picked a big ripe tomato, the owner shot some buckshots in my ass. That ended that. My next victim was on the other side where my neighbor had chickens. I love eggs, and where do you find eggs? Where the chickens are. In the early morning I would quietly sneak into the barn and grab a few eggs, sometimes eggs that were lying under the chicken. I love raw eggs. I would crack them open and swallow them on the spot. The owner must have gotten wise, he moved the chickens.

I graduated to more daring ventures. There was a fruit stand at the corner with fruits and vegetables attractively displayed. I walked by for a preliminary survey and spotted a big luscious tomato. My mouth water and I went back and deftly swiped the tomato. A hand reached out and grabbed me. I was looking up in the face of a tall stern man. "Does that tomato belong to you?" he asked. I was frightened, I answered, "no sir."

"It belongs to the store keeper who paid for it and he was selling it to make money to take care of his family. Do you understand?" his voice became very harsh. "Yes sir," I answered timidly.

"Well don't ever take things that don't belong to you," and he gave my arm a final squeeze. It hurt. "Do you understand?" he said menacingly. "Yes sir." He let me go.

Again I was caught and decided never to steal again, but I always thought I could have been a good crook.

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