SOURCE: Klocwork, Inc.

October 16, 2006 13:01 ET

Klocwork Accelerates Sales Performance and Sees Record Customer Growth

Operational Execution and Increased Global Presence Fuel Growth

BURLINGTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 16, 2006 -- Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in automated software solutions that improve software security and quality, continued its strong business momentum with the signing of a record number of new customers year to date across multiple industries, including: AMD, Barclays Bank, Bose, Goodrich, Google, Iskratel, Stryker Medical, Texas Instruments, the U.S. Army and Woolworths. Klocwork has doubled its customer base for two consecutive years, and now totals more than 125. In addition, it has deepened its penetration in several long-standing marquee customers, such as Avaya, Cisco Systems, Motorola and Qualcomm. The company further fueled its growth by increasing its geographic sales presence across Europe and Asia-Pacific with new reseller partnerships with prominent solution providers in those regions.

"A key measurement of Klocwork's success is the number of customers investing in our solutions. We passed the 100th customer mark in early Q3, and finished the quarter with more than 120. This number represents a significant milestone for Klocwork as a company," said Mike Laginski, CEO of Klocwork. "The market for our award-winning solutions is clearly maturing, as more and more companies across all industries understand the value of automated static analysis as part of a commitment to improving software quality and software security from the earliest stages of the development lifecycle. We are hearing from our customers that finding defects and security vulnerabilities is only one part of their software assurance strategy. A growing number of customers are choosing Klocwork for our Metrics and Architectural Analysis to gain real insight into their software assets as part of their long-term commitment of delivering more reliable, secure products to their customers."

"We were astonished with the speed of analysis of the Klocwork tools, and the diversity of bugs found by Klocwork K7," said Sani Rus, senior development manager at Iskratel. "After a detailed analysis of the results, we concluded that Klocwork found, by an order of magnitude, more relevant bugs than the other tools. It also has a superior user interface, and is a more fully featured tool than the others. Using Klocwork definitely has improved the quality of the software we develop, increased the productivity of the software developers and reduced the number of bugs in our applications. We are more than happy with Klocwork K7, and we plan to expand the use of Klocwork for future software projects."

Contributing to Klocwork's growth has been the successful reseller agreements to open new, global markets. In 2006, Klocwork established agreements with IPL and Nohau to expand into Continental Europe, the U.K., Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In Asia, Klocwork has partnered with Korea's ArchitectGroup and China's Beijing Cybersoftek. Most recently, Klocwork selected AVOGA to help expand its market in Australia. These relationships have helped Klocwork reach new customers spanning multiple industries around the world, including: financial, telecommunications, embedded, defense, and software. In every case, these customers treat their software as a mission-critical asset and use Klocwork's solutions to identify software and security defects, as well as architectural and system flaws, help automate code reviews, and measure the efficiency and productivity of their software development processes.

An important part of the company's strategy in terms of catalyzing adoption of its solutions is educating developers and development managers about the primary importance of leveraging automated static analysis at "time zero" of the software development lifecycle to improve software quality and security. This education campaign is highlighted by Klocwork's ongoing partnerships with several prominent universities around the world, including Carnegie Mellon, Vanderbilt, Northwestern University, University of Munich, and the University of Ottawa, to provide the K7 solution along with knowledge and software development best practices.

In addition, Klocwork is a primary contributor to g2zero, an online community launched in July 2006 that is dedicated to furthering the discussion on how organizations can improve software quality. With its name derived from the holy grail of software development -- "getting to zero" defects and security vulnerabilities -- g2zero ( offers original commentary and analysis as well as links to relevant news, discussions, and other software-quality-related content on the Web.

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Klocwork's automated static analysis products detect and prevent software defects and security vulnerabilities. Our products provide entire development teams with tools to identify the root causes of software quality and security problems, track them throughout their software development process, ensure that they have been removed, and prevent them from reoccurring. Klocwork's patented technology was developed in 1996, and has delivered significant ROI to over 125 customers -- many of them Fortune 500 accounts, known for having the most demanding software development environments in the world. Klocwork is a privately held company with offices in Burlington, Mass., San Jose, Calif., Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Ottawa. Visit the g2zero blog, an online community dedicated to furthering the discussion on how organizations can improve software quality. The g2zero blog is available at

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