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November 26, 2007 07:58 ET

Knowing Your SQ Score Tells You How Visible You Are on the Internet; 'Don't Go Online Without Knowing Your SQ' Warns

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - November 26, 2007) - Search Quotient ( said today that its new free service, which for the first time calculates a composite score reflecting a website's true search engine rankings, is scoring a hit with online businesses eager to boost traffic to their site.

"The whole rankings phenomenon had reached a point where it needed some kind of composite score and a simple enough name that everyone could understand and use as a frame of reference," said Tom Madden, who invented the SQ score.

According to Madden, it was important to find a concept and a name for it that could be branded and become the industry standard.

"By determining their SQ score, soon everyone will know their website's comparative rankings on major search engines," he said. "Search Quotient or SQ will become the ultimate comparable score denoting how visible a website is on the ever expanding Internet," he said.

"Not only can it tell you instantly how you rank on Google, Yahoo! and MSN, it can show you that by adopting Search Quotient's SEO strategy and campaign, your rankings can soar to the cyber heavens," said Gregg Weiss, Vice President of Search Quotient. looks at URL and key words then instantly reports a composite score reflecting your website's ranking on major search engines, the sine qua non of visibility online. The higher your SQ, the higher your ranking on search engines. Search Quotient's staff then offers a customized search engine optimization plan for increasing your site's position on major search engines.

According to Weiss, "Search Quotient also will explain how SEO can play a major role in determining how much traffic a website is capable of attracting, and therefore how successful a business will be. You could have the best product or service with the greatest website in the world, but your website must appear high up in the search engines or customers will have no way of finding you."

About provides a composite SQ score representing rankings on Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines and recommends ways to raise it.

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