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Knowledge to Action

April 27, 2010 04:00 ET

Knowledge to Action Continues to Help Many Achieve Trading Success

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 27, 2010) - Knowledge to Action, the leading forex training company, is helping many people achieve a successful new lifestyle through its forex and stock market training courses. Graduates of the courses have testified to the change that attending the company's courses has brought about in their lifestyles. 

Knowledge to Action's courses are intended for people who want to start out as private forex or stock exchange traders, and teach techniques that will work for anyone who is disciplined and who has the right mindset. While many would imagine courses on forex trading to be complex and technical, Knowledge to Action's courses teach a set of simple rules for traders to follow in their trading life. These rules help the would-be trader to manage risk down to 1%, so that nothing at all is left to guesswork.

The company's courses cover not only the techniques, strategies and rules for successful forex trading, but also include an element of personal development and success coaching to ensure that graduates leave not only equipped with the skills to embark on a successful life of forex trading, but also with the mindset to enable them to succeed as well. Knowledge to Action's trader coaches are all trained in this important aspect, which is vital to achieving success in life as a trader. 

This approach of combining the technical skills in a simple format and helping trainees to develop a psychology that will enable them to succeed, mean that course graduates can bear testimony to the change the company's courses have enabled them to bring about in their lifestyles. These quotations from Knowledge to Action's graduates highlight the impact of the courses on their lives.

Rajesh Unadkat says, "I took the Trader's University course in April. I have been trading for 4 out of 5 months since then and I've actually doubled my account."

Single mother of three Josie Keogh testifies, "I started off with £500; it's up now to £4000. That's since August. And that's being a single mum with 3 kids and a hairdresser working 6 days a week."

This goes to show that Knowledge to Action's overall approach is designed to help people from all walks of life who have a disciplined approach and the right mentality to succeed in the world of forex trading. 

About Knowledge to Action

Knowledge to Action, founded by Greg Secker, is the home of the award-winning Traders University® programme, and Europe's number one trader coaching company. Its stock market course has launched many private traders on the path to financial independence since 2004. 

For further details, see the company's website at, or on the following social networking sites: Greg Secker  on Twitter and Knowledge to Action on Twitter. Greg Secker  on LinkedIn and Knowledge To Action  on Facebook, or on one of Greg Secker's  specialist blogs. Read about knowledgetoaction reviews and stock trading courses.

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