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October 01, 2007 08:30 ET

Kryptiva Restores Confidence in Enterprise Email Communication With Novel Encryption and Authentication Architecture

Kryptiva's Infrastructure-Independent Solution Provides Desktop-to-Desktop Encryption, Connects Authentication to a Real Identity and Offers Proof of Delivery

SHERBROOKE, QC--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) - Kryptiva, Inc., an innovator in democratizing the use of email encryption, today announced the availability of Kryptiva's Email Encryption Architecture, aimed to restore enterprise confidence in email communication. Encryption remains a critical process for regulatory compliance and liability reduction for business-to-business email. With the Kryptiva Email Encryption Architecture, an enterprise protects both its image and intangible assets with a full-scale solution available at zero cost -- without touching existing network infrastructure.

As email usage continues to rise, it has become increasingly more unreliable, insecure and easily exploitable. IT security experts have long looked to encryption to help solve some of these problems, but encryption products and other stopgap measures have failed to survive the corporate decision-making process when cost and complexity of deployment were weighed against potential risks. Kryptiva eliminates previous barriers to entry and provides businesses with the option of sending secure email desktop-to-desktop. Kryptiva leverages current IT security investments by seamlessly integrating encryption and authentication capabilities into existing infrastructure, creating an environment for trustworthy electronic correspondence.

IT and email administrators are invited to download Kryptiva's solution for free by visiting The solution is easy to install, since it does not sit in the mail stream, it is easy to deploy, as administrators can elect to enable a subset of corporate email accounts, and is easy to manage, since there is no key management.

"There is no question that email encryption is still an enterprise need and a growing one, at that. But many IT administrators and security executives may forgo implementing systems because they are too expensive or their users find them difficult to use," said Michael Osterman, president, Osterman Research. "Kryptiva's infrastructure-independent architecture and compelling price point will go a long way toward alleviating IT implementation concerns, providing a way for enterprises to secure email communication."

Kryptiva's Email Encryption Architecture provides answers to the market needs of all members of the enterprise value chain. First, for an end user, Kryptiva's Email Encryption Architecture is an easy-to-use tool incorporated directly within the existing email interface, facilitating securely sent messages to valued colleagues and customers without requiring recipients to publish keys or certificates beforehand. Second, the administrator responsible for enterprise IT management will not face hours of installation and testing, as the Email Encryption Architecture is a peripheral solution, failsafe, stateless and infrastructure-independent.

Third, from a security standpoint, Kryptiva's offering is an attractive solution, providing authentication and ensuring confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation of all email exchanges based on established algorithms such as RSA 1024 and AES 128. Finally, for the CFO or those who care about financial implications, the cost of the implementation, which is only IT administrator resource allocation, is a small price to pay considering that email correspondence directly relates to the reputation of an enterprise that values its customers and the information it relays and receives.

"In our industry, and several others, secure and reliable communication is not an option, but a requirement to do business," said Daniel Boca, senior systems administrator, Anrad Corporation, a medical imaging subsystem company. "Our email messages must remain confidential and reach the correct person without interruption. Kryptiva's Email Encryption Architecture restores confidence in email communication and allows us to protect both our customers and confidential information exchanges from external threats."

"For years we have seen enterprises try to implement encryption technology, but fail, as the systems are costly and impact network infrastructure. As a result, enterprises choose not to encrypt, leaving their email communication at risk," said Karim Yaghmour, founder and CEO, Kryptiva. "When developing Kryptiva's Email Encryption Architecture, we took these failures into account and provided a solution that overcomes barriers and allows enterprise email to truly become secure. We've also gone a step further by combining authentication and proof of delivery to our solution in order to address more recent email problems -- spam, phishing and dropped emails resulting from overzealous filters. With this integrated, patent-pending solution, Kryptiva can be the trusted email 'courier' for the enterprise, ensuring that messages are received securely."

Kryptiva Email Encryption Architecture introduces three out-of-stream components to the email delivery process.

--  The Kryptiva Packaging Plugin integrates seamlessly into a user's
    current email application and is responsible for interfacing with the
    Kryptiva Packaging Server.
--  The Kryptiva Packaging Server is installed onto a local server within
    the network perimeter and integrates with existing directory services such
    as LDAP. Prior to an email being sent, the server packages the email for
    authentication, encryption and proof of delivery, and returns it to the
    plugin to then be sent to the existing outbound email server. When an
    encrypted email is received by the plugin, the server enables its
    decryption by verifying that the user attempting to read the email is
    indeed part of the recipients' lists.
--  The Kryptiva Online Services are used by the plugin to authenticate
    incoming email, process proof of delivery and, in the case of non-member
    recipients, enable decryption and secure reply.

Pricing and Availability

The Kryptiva Packaging Plugin is freely available for download from Kryptiva's website. The Kryptiva Packaging Server Platform Edition, which provides authentication and encryption, is available immediately at zero cost for companies based in the United States and Canada, after successfully completing the activation process. The Kryptiva Packaging Server activation process requires companies installing the server to obtain an SSL certificate from a recognized CA in order for Kryptiva to validate their identity and location. Installation is initiated by downloading the Kryptiva Packaging Server Base Installation CD ISO at

General availability of additional services, such as proof of delivery, integration with existing email security and auditing tools and 24x7 support, is scheduled for early 2008. All inquiries regarding the immediate purchase of value-added services for the Platform Edition or the provisioning of the Platform Edition for locations outside the United States or Canada should be directed to the sales department.

About Kryptiva, Inc.

Headquartered in Sherbrooke, Canada, Kryptiva, Inc., an innovator in democratizing the use of email encryption founded in 2005, offers unique email security solutions and services to restore confidence in enterprise email communication. Founded by Linux expert Karim Yaghmour, Kryptiva mimics Linux pricing models to bring email encryption to all audiences. For more information about Kryptiva and to download its security tools, visit

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