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November 10, 2009 17:49 ET

LIVESTRONG® Participates in 3rd International Cancer Control Congress

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - LIVESTRONG is participating in the 3rd International Cancer Control (ICCC) Congress at Spazio Villa Erbo in Cernobbio, Como, Italy, Nov. 8-11. ICCC brings together the world's best minds in cancer control to share knowledge and learn together what works and what does not in different resource settings to enable implementation of effective and sustainable population-based national cancer control strategies. The Cancer Congress is hosted by Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Dei Tumori of Milan, Italy under the patronage of Regione Lombardia, Alleanza Contro il Cancro and Ministero del Lavoro, Salute e Politiche Sociali, Italy and is co-sponsored by the World Health Organization.

"LIVESTRONG is delighted to offer its support to the 3rd ICCC," said Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG President and CEO. "Nearly one year ago, we launched our global campaign to address the burden of cancer worldwide. But we knew that we couldn't do it alone. Collaboration is critical to the success of fighting this disease and we commend the International Cancer Control Association for taking action by convening this important congress."

The purpose of the 3rd ICCC is to promote and foster a global community of practice through enabling extensive participation and dialogue between countries and societies with wide and varying experiences in cancer control; building on and synergizing ongoing work by governments, NGOs, and international organizations to make sustainable cancer control an important global priority. The 3rd ICCC will build upon the achievements of the 1st (Vancouver, 2005) and 2nd (Rio de Janeiro, 2007) ICCCs by ensuring an agenda that focuses on:

--  international collaboration;
--  establishment of sustainable national/large population cancer control
--  promoting broad cross-sectoral participation (e.g., governments,
    cancer organizations, foundations, non-government organizations,
    stakeholders and publics); and
--  promotion and fostering of a global community of practice in cancer

Expected short and long term outcomes from the Congress include:

--  increased global outreach and collaboration at all levels to deal with
    new knowledge and opportunities;
--  establishing and strengthening a strategic alliance between the
    European Union and African Union;
--  "pilot" projects or "proof of principle" projects commenced or
    established; and
--  mechanisms initiated to nurture/help countries develop and implement
    cancer control action plans through a virtual (electronic) and/or face-to-
    face approach.

"Cancer is increasingly recognized as a major public health problem on the global scale and this Congress will be particularly concerned with fostering collaboration, between nations and between continents, to meet this challenge," said Dr. Marco A. Pierotti, ICCC Chair, President of OECI and Scientific Director of Fondazione IRCCS "Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori."

"The 3rd ICCC will be a great opportunity for governmental and non-governmental cancer control officials; for physicians, researchers and health professionals; and also for patients, advocates, volunteers and others interested in cancer control, from all over the world, to get together and exchange views on how to deal with cancer," said Pierotti.

Androulla Vassiliou, European Health Commissioner, said, "This excellent initiative has the full support of the European Commission which shares the ICCC vision of the importance of bringing together a broad range of relevant actors in order to more efficiently combat cancer and lessen its burden, both for individuals and for society."

Vassiliou explained, "In parallel with such a vision, the European Commission launched the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer in September of this year. This initiative aims to support Member States of the European Union in their efforts to tackle cancer more efficiently. The Partnership is a new model of cooperation at the European level, which aims to combine the political impetus of the EU institutions with the commitment and know-how of a full range of partners across Europe in a concerted and comprehensive effort to bring about real and lasting change."

LIVESTRONG Senior Director of Mission, Claire Neal, was a plenary speaker for the session on Mon., Nov. 9, Cancer Control - Europe And The World: International Collaborative Interest Group Workshop. This session was created on the basis of feedback from the two previous congresses to provide a forum that offers an opportunity for participants with common interests to pursue collaboration and further development of shared initiatives, whether existing or established de novo at the 3rd ICCC. It is intended that interest groups foster inter-disciplinary participation and engage with governments, NGOs, foundations, health providers and the public sector. The session had two themes -- to promote ongoing geographic collaboration and to provide a forum to generate interest on topics of broad interest or requiring focus that might benefit from collaboration. Neal spoke about the global role of charities in supporting international collaboration.

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