December 22, 2009 11:30 ET

Lancore Blog Sets Out to Provide Industry Leading Advice

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 22, 2009) - When Lancore created their blog earlier this year they set out with the intention of providing market leading insight into the world of ecommerce. With a wide selection of in depth blog posts now emerging on their site, Lancore seem to be delivering in spades.

In many of their blogs they have opted to provide insight into the Google Analytics tool and a variety of its features. As a leading tool in ecommerce optimisation and marketing, any blog information on the use of Analytics is an invaluable commodity.

Google Analytics allows SEO's, marketers and webmasters to quantify vast amounts of data relevant to their site in order to ascertain how it can be improved for better traffic and goal conversions. Latching on to the importance of this free tool Lancore set out to make the process of utilising it easier for ecommerce businesses by creating a variety of in depth walk-through's and tutorials in their blogs.

Their selection of Analytics related blogs investigate how to optimise your site for your client demographics and how and why you should track goal conversions. Other posts give insight into how you can improve your ROI through a variety of means, such as how to apply effective goal funnelling. They have further added awareness of the benefits of Analytics with extremely useful posts on tracking goal conversions and ecommerce tracking.

Gareth Clark, a spokesman for Lancore, provided insight into the company's intentions. "At Lancore we provide an array of services to allow advanced online multi-currency payment processing and payment gateways for a variety of ecommerce sites. Our main priority is to provide ecommerce sites with an expansive service. As such, we always ensure that our blog articles provide the highest degree of information in the market to provide the greatest assistance and insight."

Lancore offer market leading payment processing services to an array of ecommerce merchants and their key aim is to allow ecommerce merchants to maximise their potential. They are a leading UK payment service provider and offer first class merchant processing. Their ever expanding array of well researched blog articles highlights their commitment to providing a pristine service.

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