April 11, 2007 08:00 ET Drives College Rock Revolution

LONDON--(Collegiate Presswire - April 11, 2007) - The college rock revolution is exploding. Modest Mouse is No. 1 on Billboard albums charts this week, with Arcade Fire and the Shins also riding high - and is becoming the key destination for college music fans fueling those bands' success.

London-based is taking college campuses by storm with its "social music revolution." The music recommendation engine not only intelligently recommends new songs, artists and local concerts online, but it also connects members based on their musical tastes.

As new statistics reveal, the artists most listened-to amongst's student user base are overwhelmingly the vanguards of the new college rock revolution - The Shins, Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, the Decembrists. Artists and fans alike are moving beyond MySpace to where this new scene is fomenting - Modest Mouse, for example, has almost 10 million more total plays on than they do on MySpace. is also overcoming MySpace as the best online service for new college bands looking to follow in the footsteps of independent heroes such as Death Cab For Cutie. Audio streaming quality is higher, there are no song upload limits and - as the statistics show - there's a huge student user base on the site hungry for new college rock sounds. Student bands can use the site to connect to users they know will be into their music, while their fans can spread the word with embeddable music players for their personal blogs and websites.

"It's a great way for college students to connect on a global scale," said Martin Stiksel, co-founder of "Regardless of player or platform - and whether you listen to Chopin, Coltrane or Coldplay - we're a place for you to meet people with similar tastes and to learn about the newest artists based on your current favorites."

Top 10 most listened-to bands among US college students

* Radiohead

* The Beatles

* The Shins

* The Arcade Fire

* Beck

* Death Cab for Cutie

* Modest Mouse

* Sufjan Stevens

* The Decembrists

* Of Montreal


Founded in 2002 in London, is the fast growing online, social music revolution that connects people with music and artists with listeners. By joining the community, music fans can choose to share their music preferences by linking their media player (e.g. iTunes) to the database. This database is populated continually with over 500 million monthly track submissions from music fans. As a result, can intelligently recommend songs, artists, local concerts and even other members based on their musical tastes. Learn more about at

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