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May 05, 2010 08:30 ET

Late Night Writer Announces Support for Axelrod & Cooper's Concise Guide to Writing

CANTON, GA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2010) -  Late Night Writer, LLC today announced that Student Writing Coach now supports many of the essay assignments described in Rise Axelrod and Charles Cooper's, Concise Guide to Writing, published by Bedford/St. Martin's. Available on the site are: "Arguing a Problem," "Profile both Narrative and Topical," "Explaining a Concept," and "Proposing a Solution." In addition, the paper types: "Review of a Live or Recorded Subject," "Memoir and Autobiography," and "Informational Report" are available for student use.

Designed and developed by professional writing instructors, Student Writing Coach gives students step by step guidance for writing, coaching students through the early stages of writing, from generating an idea for a topic, through outlining, and then on to a first draft. Students can edit, print and turn in either their outline or their complete first draft. The site supplements the advice teachers give during class by providing similar advice as the students are working on their own. For student writers, it minimizes the frustration and anxiety related to completing their college writing assignments by giving them step by step help as they go. But the Student Writing Coach doesn't do the work for students; they must develop their own paper topics and content in their own words. 

One of the instructors who has authored sessions for Student Writing Coach, Gray Scott at the University of California, Riverside, remarks that, "As teachers of writing, we often wish we could sit with each student one-on-one during each part of the writing process, suggesting questions that the writer might consider or ideas the writer might develop more fully. Of course, there isn't time to do that, and we cannot be multiple places at once. I see Student Writing Coach as a way to extend teaching into this one-on-one realm from which we are normally barred. We have written the sessions to ask questions and suggest directions that we ourselves would suggest if we could be there with each writer. We have designed each session to act, as much as possible, as a proxy for the instructor."

Student Writing Coach engages students in a dialog, asking a focused set of questions that must be answered in complete sentences. The first set of answers creates the paper's outline. The next set expands key points into paragraphs. At the conclusion of the writing process, the program presents student answers in a logical format for downloading and final editing prior to submission.

College instructors who have used the site asked that the assignment types Student Writing Coach supports correspond to the textbooks they use in their courses. The Concise Guide to Writing was the text most used. In response, Late Night Writer has made the composition assignments studied in Concise Guide to Writing available on the Student Writing Coach site, providing students with a resource to help them generate a first draft of those assignments.

Late Night Writer has no formal relationship with either the authors of Concise Guide to Writing or the publisher, Bedford/St. Martin's, and our use of assignment types in the Concise Guide to Writing does not constitute an endorsement of Late Night Writer or Student Writing Coach by Bedford/St. Martin's, Rise Axelrod, or Charles Cooper.

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