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UFCW Canada

June 21, 2010 21:29 ET

Launch of Gee 20 News web site unmasks the G20 Summit agenda

Gee 20 News at www.Gee20.ca gives Canadians a voice about the G20 as UFCW Canada launches real-time, real people comprehensive coverage to counter G20 corporate propaganda

Attention: Agriculture Editor, Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO--(Marketwire - June 21, 2010) -
UFCW Canada has launched Gee 20 News at www.Gee20.ca - a new web site packed with on-the-ground, raw and comprehensive, real-time video streaming and reports from Toronto and around the world, with interviews and activist counter-coverage and reaction to the G20 Summit.

"The G20 elitists can hide behind a barricade but they can't stop the truth getting out about their agenda," says Wayne Hanley, the National President of UFCW Canada. "The truth is what Gee 20 News is all about - giving a voice to real people while unmasking a G20 corporate globalization agenda that puts private profit ahead of the real issues facing working people here in Canada and around the world."

With a team of Gee 20 News crews using the latest in digital capture and streaming technology, the Gee 20 News also delivers a vital window to the major events of the People's Summit - the labour and activist counter-summit with dozens of workshops and happenings leading up to and during the Toronto G20 Summit.

Gee 20 News at www.Gee20.ca also reaches out across Canada and around the globe via Skype interviews with leading international labour leaders, activists and community leaders. Citizen journalism is another feature at www.Gee20.ca where community members are invited to contribute their own take on the G20 Summit through their video clips, music, graphics, animation, spoken word, text and photographs.

The Gee 20 News web site also streams live from a number of events throughout the week and G20 weekend.

Gee 20 News is a UFCW Canada new media initiative - with updates, live content and new submissions posted 24/7 at www.Gee20.ca.

UFCW Canada is Canada's largest private sector union with more than 250,000 members coast-to-coast.

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