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September 27, 2005 08:30 ET

Leading Security Expert Confronts Epidemic of Identity Theft by Giving Away One Million Copies of New Planning and Prevention Software

WALNUT CREEK, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 27, 2005 -- In a bold move to address the national crisis of identity theft, Neal O'Farrell, leading security expert and technologist, today announced the availability of "My Security Plan: Identity Theft Edition," a new comprehensive software tool to help consumers plan against, prepare for and recover from identity theft. O'Farrell has further made the unprecedented decision to offer one million copies of "My Security Plan: Identity Theft Edition" for free*, available at

Over the last five years, while technology vendors and security experts continue to offer incomplete solutions and often conflicting security advice, identity theft has accelerated its spread across the nation, making it the fastest-growing crime in American history. An estimated nine million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2004, and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse estimates that more than 50 million Americans had their personal information compromised in the six months between February and August of 2005.

"Avoiding ID theft is not simply about waiting for a technology cure-all. Nor is it a crime that will be avoided by outsourcing personal security to banks, credit card companies or even government agencies," said Neal O'Farrell, CEO and founder of My Security Plan.

"The best defense is planning. Every individual needs to take steps to protect themselves, and in a planned and organized way; we each have the responsibility and power to minimize our vulnerability to this life-changing crime."

"My Security Plan" is a combination of tools that help individuals and families create and follow a straightforward plan that will enable them to find and fix their vulnerabilities before an identity thief exploits them.

O'Farrell added, "To make it as easy as possible for consumers to learn how to protect themselves, risk free, I have decided to begin by giving away a million copies. My hope is that eventually everyone will have a personal security plan and the most common identity thefts will become a thing of the past."

The Product

"My Security Plan: Identity Theft Edition," retail value $24.95, consists of three powerful tools (The Prevention Handbook, The Prevention Planner, and The Response Planner) on a single CD-ROM. Complete with eBook, sample plans, in-depth questionnaires, recommendations and more, each tool is designed to address one of the three key components of personal security -- Learning, Planning, and Responding.

In addition to numerous new strategies and suggestions for shoring up your personal security and avoiding identity theft, O'Farrell and "My Security Plan: Identity Theft Edition" also debunk some of the most persistent myths about identity theft, including:

Myth #1 -- Following the standard few security tips offered by most identity theft resources will be enough to protect you

Myth #2 -- Identity theft is entirely the fault and the responsibility of the financial industry

Myth #3 -- Identity theft is a cybercrime and therefore will be solved by technology

Myth #4 -- "Zero liability" means you have nothing to lose

Myth #5 -- If you are a victim you can rely on law enforcement for justice

The Creator

Over his 25-year security career Neal O'Farrell has worked as a security executive, consultant and advisor to financial organizations, government, military, intelligence, and Fortune 500 firms around the world. In addition, the noted author and speaker has taught security preparedness to more than 3 million users in 120 countries. O'Farrell was the first security expert to have his awareness program endorsed by both the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Secret Service. His program has since been used by more than 200 police departments and police academies, as well as the FBI, the DMV, and US Attorney's Office.

O'Farrell runs two businesses, manages five web sites, has twenty email accounts, spends nearly 16 hours a day online, and possesses nearly a dozen business and personal credit cards. And yet he's never been a victim of a hacker, scammer, computer virus, or identity thief. His secret? Planning. And to help consumers avoid the widespread confusion that he has seen, he's put that knowledge into an easy-to-use software tool that he is giving away at

About My Security Plan

The My Security Plan company is a leading innovator in identity theft education and preparedness planning tools for consumers and small businesses. Understanding that personal security planning, not technology alone, is the key to avoiding cybercrime and identity theft today and in the future, My Security Plan's mission is to make personal security planning as commonplace as personal financial planning. For more information and to order a free copy of "My Security Plan: Identity Theft Edition" simply visit

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