League Assets Corp.

League Assets Corp.

April 29, 2008 09:00 ET

League Announces $1.8 Billion Colwood, B.C. City Center Rezoning Approval

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - League Assets Corp. ("League") is pleased to announce that following the final public hearings held by Colwood City Council last night, the 13.89 acre site at Sooke Road and Goldstream Avenue is now slated to receive rezoning approvals that will allow Colwood to realize its long-held vision of a vital new city centre for the Westshore area of Greater Victoria.

Council will meet in May to approve rezoning that will permit mixed-use development of high-density retail/commercial buildings and multi-family housing.

"Without exaggeration, the vision for this property is nothing less than spectacular," says Adam Gant, CEO of League Assets, the Victoria company that is financing the development. "As far as we can tell, at a projected $1.8 billion, it is the largest private urban development on a contiguous site ever undertaken in Canada."

The new city centre, which will become a reality over the next 15 years, will consist a mix of low and high-rise buildings encompassing hotels, office complexes, assisted-living accommodation, family and luxury condominiums, a community arts and cultural centre, retail and restaurant spaces, with green spaces throughout to complement the busy urban character of the area.

All design will meet the highest standards for social, economic and environmental sustainability, and everything will be built to the latest earthquake-proof standards, insists the project's developer Les Bjola.

Founder of Turner Lane Development Corporation, Bjola is acclaimed for his track record of large-scale projects in the Greater Victoria area, including the award-winning Bear Mountain Resort nearby.

As partners, League Assets and Turner Lane have adopted a compensation structure that reflects the unique approach that League brings to all aspects of its business. Compensation of the developer and the financing company is linked to performance, with performance defined and measured by the Return on Investment that investors receive. This reflects League's innovative proposition that places the interests of its investors at the centre of its business model.

League's extraordinary success in raising capital in such short periods of time has been achieved without the use of brokers or salespeople. Instead, League provides prospective Member-Partners with The Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication and invites them to call and discuss any questions with League's Member Services Managers. The 70-page Blue Book is written in a straight-forward manner so that an investor can make a truly informed decision without the aid of a commissioned or for-fee investment advisor.

About League Assets Corp. - The World's Intergenerational Wealth™ Institution
League (www.league.ca) currently funds and manages some $2 billion in real estate syndication projects across much of Canada on behalf of some 1,000 investors or "Member-Partners". League is North America's fastest-growing private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a portfolio consisting of Canadian commercial and retail properties with combined assets approaching $200 million. The trust exists to find, acquire, improve, and manage the most profitable real estate properties across the nation, and to offer these opportunities to other like-minded investors.

It is League's aim to empower the families of its Member-Partners through the provision of Intergenerational Wealth™ so that they can improve the quality of their own lives and ultimately be able to contribute to improvement in the quality of the lives of others.

"Intergenerational Wealth" is a trademarked term used by League. It represents the Company's intent focus on creating lasting wealth for all of its investors inter-generationally, achieved through the integrated investment-planning and tax-reduction services League provides.

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