League Assets Corp.

League Assets Corp.

April 23, 2010 17:44 ET

League Assets Corp. Makes its First Venture in the United States

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 23, 2010) - With the launch of its Miracle Mile Limited Partnership, League Assets Corp. marks its first expansion out of Canada and onto the world stage.

At its nexus, is Miracle Mile Shopping Centre, in which League is proposing to acquire a shared interest. Miracle Mile Shopping Centre is an established shopping destination with over 40 stores, eateries and service retailers located in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"It's an exciting day for League and our investors, as we take our first steps outside of Canada," says Emanuel Arruda, one of League's founding partners. "Our first foray into the United States, and into the wider world, is nothing less than a continuation of all that was set in motion when my partner, Adam Gant, and I founded League in 2004."

Miracle Mile Shopping Center, the property in which Miracle Mile LP will hold a shared interest, is a single-level shopping complex located in Monroeville, Penn. with 288,395-sq-ft of leasable space. As of February 2010, the mall boasted a 97% occupancy rate with an established roster of tenants, including Old Navy, Marshalls and LA Fitness. It was one of the original shopping centers in the greater Pittsburgh area and is considered a local landmark.

"We expect that the Miracle Mile Limited Partnership will pay a 10% annual gross distribution," says Adam Gant, League's other founding partner. "Potentially, in the near future, there is the signing of a grocery operation as an anchor tenant at Miracle Mile, and the construction of a nearby major medical complex that could bring even more working professionals and well-paid shoppers into the plaza."

"We looked at a lot of foreign investment opportunities, but in the end, we decided to make our first out-of-Canada investment in the United States," says Brien Biondi, League's President and Chief Operating Officer. "Besides a common language, both our countries share a heritage of free enterprise, a respect for democracy, property rights and the rule of law. And traditionally, the U.S. has always welcomed foreign real estate investors. So really, from many aspects, this move makes sense and lays the groundwork for future international growth."

Victoria, BC-based League Assets Corp. -- the World's Intergenerational Wealth Institution™ -- manages several Real Estate Limited Partnerships and the IGW REIT, one of North America's fastest-growing private Real Estate Investment Trusts, comprising a portfolio of Canadian commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties which together with the other entities that League administers, has combined assets approaching $400 million. League Assets Corp. exists to find, acquire, improve and manage real estate properties on behalf of its more than 1,900 Member-Partner investors. Combined with its other investment pools, League is currently managing and developing assets with approximate build-out values totalling $2 billion.

This document is for information purposes only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities. Only persons who satisfy an exemption from the prospectus and registration requirements may invest in this project. In general this means that you must either be an accredited investor or invest a minimum of $150,000.

There are risks associated with this investment, some of which are set out in the investment overview. You are encouraged to read such document, as well as the limited partnership agreement, before making your investment decision.

Download League's proprietary investment book, The Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication, and the Company Backgrounder booklet at www.league.ca.

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