League Assets Corp.

League Assets Corp.

December 17, 2009 10:05 ET

League Reaches Out to Family Investors with New Private Asset Management Program

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 17, 2009) - League Assets Corp., the world's Intergenerational Wealth™ institution, announced today it is reaching out to individuals with significant real estate holdings with its newly announced IGW Private Asset Management (PAM) program.

"With this new service, we're meeting the special needs of our wealthiest investor families helping them to leverage one of most critical and priceless resources they cannot buy -- TIME. Time, to devote for their families, their communities, their friends -- the precious time they could leverage to make a difference in the world," explains Emanuel Arruda, League's founding partner. "For League's Member-Partners, that's the desired key outcome of our Intergenerational Wealth™ concept."

The majority of League's Member-Partners -- what the company calls its investors -- are just ordinary citizens who invest anywhere from one thousand to three million dollars. The PAM Program was specially designed to affect the largest asset optimizations through leveraging economies of scale. So, the program works best for the segment of League's Member-Partners who are able to invest or make asset purchases of $5 million or more per family.

"Rather than trying to carry out their own syndication with all the costly and time-consuming legal work and due diligence involved, League can take over administration of current assets and even acquisition of new ones, thereby freeing them up to live their lives more fully -- whether spending time with their families locally or making a difference in impoverished communities globally -- all while we continue to effectively manage and grow their assets," said Adam Gant, League's other founding partner. "Higher-purpose wealth is League's focus in helping families achieve Intergenerational Wealth™."

League's teams of asset acquisition, management, and reporting professionals will attend to Member-Partners' assets in such a way as to maximize ROI while reducing risk. In addition, to maximize transparency, anyone who enrols in the PAM program will be assigned their own Senior Accountant/Controller committed to attending to their individual and portfolio's unique needs.

"It's the special calibre of the one-to-one service that my partner and I would want for our own families," said Gant. "It is also an affirmation of the 8th tenet of the League's Credo that governs all our actions," added Arruda. "It states: 'We believe that for our Member-Partners to reach their highest goals, we must offer them the advice and services of in-house and third-party consultants of the highest calibre. Respected professionals equipped with special knowledge and experience, will provide our Member-Partners with specific solutions to their individual needs promptly, objectively and with complete integrity.' We're proud to continually add to the services we provide our Members in accordance with Our Credo."

IGW stands for "Intergenerational Wealth" -- a term trademarked by League to describe its philosophy and attendant services developed to create, protect and perpetuate wealth for its more than 1,700 Member-Partners. Through the provision of investment education and opportunity, League helps individuals and families create Intergenerational Wealth™ while contributing to the betterment of society.

Victoria, BC-based League Assets Corp. manages the IGW REIT, one of North America's fastest-growing private Real Estate Investment Trusts, comprising a portfolio of Canadian commercial, industrial, multifamily residential properties, which together with the other entities that League administers, has combined assets approaching $400 million. The IGW REIT exists to find, acquire, improve and manage real estate properties on behalf of its more than 1,700 Member-Partners. Combined with its other investment pools, League is currently managing and developing assets with approximate build-out values totalling $2 billion.

Download League's proprietary investment book, The Blue Book of Real Estate Syndication and the Company Backgrounder at www.league.ca.

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