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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 12, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Components and Semiconductors industry is available in its catalogue.

With Compound Semiconductor materials activity soon totalling a billion dollars, both equipment manufacturers and material suppliers asked Yole experts to provide an overview of the CS market and highlight the respective dynamics for the different materials.

Indeed, for more than 20 years, silicon pure players have been looking at those "strange" semiconductor materials made of a compound of 2 or more metals, wondering if it could be, one day, a threat for their existing business. Material makers are seeking new business opportunities outside of silicon and equipment suppliers are open to adapt their know-how and expand their product portfolio.

Silicon largely dominates the semiconductor business as the reference material. However, specific applications such as optoelectronics, RF or power electronics require material properties that cannot be offered by silicon. GaN, GaAs, InP, SiC and Sapphire substrates now account for only 0.6% of the 8,630 million square inches annually processed in semicon fabs. However, that small portion of processed area is compensated by a higher merchant price leading to a $800M market size in 2007, reaching the billion dollar threshold by 2009- 2010.

- GaAs has been the leading material in volume thanks to the wireless technology demand, but SiC and sapphire are now benefiting from the booming LED business.

- Bulk GaN is becoming the winning choice for blue laser diode makers.

- InP is still in the race expecting a strong rebound of the optical fibre demand.

This new report offers a unique panorama of the compound semi material business in a single package. It highlights the main metrics and the key market trends that will help material and equipment vendors to position their R&D efforts and anticipate the changes and forecasted evolution of their business.

Please note: this is delivered as PowerPoint file of 170+ slides (electronic pdf file).


Executive summary 

CS material substrate applications segmentation 

2005-2012 annual consumption of CS materials in surface area
 (Million Inch2) 

Evolution of CS materials consumption over silicon 

Relative evolution of processed surface for various CS materials 

CS materials bulk substrate market size in M$ 

What can create disruptions in the next 5 years? 

CS materials risk analysis: Today status and possible evolutions 

2007 bulk CS wafers average market price 

GaAs substrate market 


Main targeted applications of GaAs-based devices 

Key advantages of GaAs-based devices 

S.I. vs. S.C. GaAs applications 

Growth methods of GaAs substrates 

GaAs substrate vendors growth technique and products 

2007 estimation of GaAs bulk substrate vendors market shares 

2005-2012 SC + SI GaAs substrates consumption in Msi 

GaAs substrates SI + SC market size 

2005-2012 SI GaAs substrates annual consumption, split by diameter 

2007 GaAs epiwafer vendors market share 

2007 GaAs RFIC market breakdown by application 

GaAs $ content in wireless LAN 

GaAs $ content in cell phones 

2007 TOP20 GaAs RF device maker revenues 


Sapphire substrate market 


Main applications of sapphire-based devices 

Growth methods of sapphire substrates 

Sapphire substrates main manufacturers 

Sapphire vendors growth technique and products 

c-plan sapphire for Nitride LEDs 

- Market segmentation 

- LED market volume as a function of LED type 

- LED market revenues as a function of LED typeBased on packaged LEDs 

- 2001-2012 GaN-LED market status and forecast for packaged LED devices 

- Average retail price of a conventional packaged LED 

- Estimated substrates volume for GaN-based LED production (SiC & Sapphire) 


- 007 sapphire substrate market for LED: price, units and diameter analysis 

-2005-2012 Sapphire substrate market volume for Nitride LED split by

-2005-2012 Sapphire substrate market size for Nitride LED split by diameter

r-plan sapphire for Antenna Switch Module (ASM): SoS 

- Comparison of cell-phone antenna switching module (ASM) technologies 

- Antenna Switching Module (ASM) market data and main players 

- 2005-2012 RF switch technology breakdown. 

- Main data of the SoS UltraCMOS(R) switch manufacturing process 

-2005-2012 sapphire substrate market size and volume for SoS applications 

-2005-2012 sapphire total market size in M$ and Msi 


SiC substrate market 


SiC-based devices market size and related market shares 

State-of-art in SiC crystal growth 

SiC material type vs. applications 

From powder to SiC epi-ready wafers. Sublimation (PVT) technique 

SiC crystal growth techniques comparison table 

Main SiC material manufacturing site locations Bulk or epi-foundry 

2007 estimated SiC substrates monthly production 

Material polytypes, doping & orientation commercially available 

2006 & 2007 SiC substrate vendors revenues & related market shares 

Key accounts of SiC material vendors 2007 status 

SiC epi-house and epi-service offers 

Wafers diameter evolution in production for Power Electronics 

Wafers diameter evolution in production for HB-LED 

Wafers diameter evolution in production for GaN/SiC RF devices 

2004-2015 SiC row substrates price evolution for various material types 

Average $/mm2 price for SiC row substrates 

Comparison SiC/Si for cost of raw substrate for a 1 Amp device

Examples of current SiC wafer price 

SiC sublimation reactors yield 

SiC epitaxy: typical process time 

2005-2012 forecasts for SiC substrates market in power electronics 

Estimation of the CREE captive SiC substrates market for LED 

Conclusion: Where and what to sell, epi or bulk? 

GaN substrate market 


Main targeted applications of GaN devices 

2005-2012 GaN substrate revenues in M$ for LED, Laser, RF & power

GaN growth techniques MOCVD general information 

GaN growth techniques MBE general information 

GaN growth techniques HVPE general information 

GaN growth techniques Advantages & Drawbacks 

GaN crystal growth techniques comparison table and main vendors 

Different substrates for GaN epitaxy "Direct growth or buffer approach" 

Different substrates for GaN epitaxy "Composite substrates: wafer bonding 


Picogiga - SOITEC (F) SopSiC (Silicon on Poly-SiC) substrate 

Aonex Technologies (US) A-Sapph & A-GaN 

BluGlass GaN on Glass 

IMEC (B) GaN on Germanium. Ge (111) 

IMEC (B) GaN on Silicon 

AZZURO Semiconductors (D) GaN on Silicon 

Toshiba Ceramic "TOCERA" (J) GaN on Silicon (with 3C-SiC buffer layer) 

Nitronex (US) GaN on Silicon 

TDI (US) GaN/SiC and GaN/Sapphire 

Hitachi Cable (J) GaN/SI.I SiC and GaN/Sapphire 

Cermet (US) GaN on ZnO 

SOD: Silicon On Diamond Main advantages for GaN growth 

Group4 Lab (US) GaN/Diamond. Double wafer bonding approach 

sp3 Diamond Technology (US) DOS (Diamond on Si) & SOD 

GaN / Silicon epiwafer manufacturers 2007 status 

GaN/Sapphire & GaN/SiC epiwafer manufacturers 2007 status 

Bulk / free-standing GaN specifications: 2007 production status 

Bulk / free-standing GaN specifications: R&D status 

Non-polar & semi-polar GaN main interests 

Non-polar & semi-polar GaN substrates R&D status 

Bulk / free-standing GaN wafers Estimated monthly production capacity 

Examples of current GaN material pricing 

GaN substrates / applications matrix 

Tentative time-to-market for different substrates in different applications 

Bulk & free-standing GaN substrate for blue laser diodes 

Introduction: Blue laser diodes status 

Targeted applications for GaN blue laser diodes 

Blue laser diodes market in game stations 

GaN-based laser diodes state-of-the-art 

Known supply-chain in the blue LD business 

2007 Blue LD cost breakdown model From 2" bulk GaN wafer to packaged LD 

Blue LD manufacturing yield. Key critical steps are dicing, faceting and 

2005-2012 annual volumes for GaN blue laser diodes for various
applications and related device revenues 

Estimated 2006 market share of Blue Laser Diode makers 

2005-2012 annual volumes for 2" bulk GaN wafers for blue LD and related 

substrates revenues 

Hypothesis: 100% of blue LD are made on bulk GaN substrates

Future GaN laser applications: laser TV and projectors 

Conclusion on Blue Laser Diodes and Bulk GaN business 

InP substrate market 


Main targeted applications of InP-based devices 

InP crystal growth flow chart 

InP material value-chain & ASP in 2007 

Application overview 

Main data of the InP device manufacturing process and ASP 

InP Optical Devices 

InP-based Optical Applications 

InP optical devices main players along the value chain 

Where InP-based devices can be found in a FO network? 

InP telecom lasers: optical fiber network structure 

InP telecom lasers: Metro and Access FO Networks 

State of the art of current network levels 

Challenges for InP devices in the telecom market 

Electron Devices 

InP electronic devices main players along the value chain 

InP HEMT and HBT technology 

High Speed InP IC applications 

2005-2012 InP-based devices market size 

Main InP material vendors 2007 revenues and product breakdown 

2007 InP material vendors market shares 

Usage of InP wafers and Substrates diameter breakdown 

2005-2012 InP wafer market volume (Merchant & captive) split by diameter 

2005-2012 InP wafer market size (Merchant & captive) split by diameter 

Conclusion: InP market will gain momentum thanks to heterogeneous


General conclusion and perspectives

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