April 29, 2008 10:21 ET

Learn about the World Adhesives and Sealants Markets

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 29, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Adhesives - abrasives industry is available in its catalogue.

World Adhesives and Sealants Markets

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Adhesives & Sealants in Millions of Pounds. The major product segments analyzed are Adhesives (Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Phenolic, Polyolefin, Epoxy, Starch & Dextrin, Acrylic (includes Cyanoacrylic & Others, Acrylic PSA, and Acrylic Emulsion), Urea Formaldehyde, Polyvinyl Acetal, Polyvinyl Acetate, Neoprene, Thermoplastic Rubber, Polyurethane, Natural Rubber, Protein, Furan, Polyvinyl Chloride, Reclaimed Rubber, Silicate, Silicone, Silicone Rubber, Polyamide, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Nitrile, Butyl Rubber & PIB, Polyester, Ethylene, Bitumen, & Miscellaneous), and Sealants.(Anaerobic, Acrylic, Latex, Bitumen, Butyl Rubber, Epoxy, Oleoresinous, Polysulphide, Polyurethane, Polyvinyl-based, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Polyvinyl Chloride-based, Reclaimed Rubber, Silicone, Styrene Butadiene Rubber, Thermoplastic Rubber, & Miscellaneous) The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2001 through 2015. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 434 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as 3M Company, Adhesives Research, Inc., Ashland, Inc., Avery Dennison Corporation, BASF AG, Bayer MaterialScience AG., Beardow and Adams (Adhesives) Ltd., Bolton Group, Bostik, Inc., Covalence Adhesives, LLC, Dainippon Ink & Chemicals, Incorporated, Dow Automotive, Dynea International OY, Eastman Chemical Company, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, Ferro Corporation, Forbo Adhesives Switzerland, Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc., H.B. Fuller Company, Henkel Corporation, Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc., Hernon Manufacturing, Inc., Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Hindustan Adhesives Limited, Huntsman Polyurethanes, ICI Group, Macco Adhesives, National Starch and Chemical Company, ITW Performance Polymers Consumer Division, ITW Devcon, Konishi Co., Ltd., Lord Corporation, MACtac, Mapei S.p.A., PPG Aerospace, Pidilite Industries Ltd., Power Adhesives Ltd., Quilosa, Rohm and Haas Company, RPM International, Inc., DAP, Inc., Scapa Group Plc., Scapa North America, Sika AG, Specialty Minerals, Inc., Shurtape Technologies, LLC, Super Glue Corporation, Tesa AG, Vagnone & Boeri Srl, and Wisdom Adhesives Company. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.



Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope Of Study I-3

Adhesives and Sealants I-3

Classification of Adhesives (Based on their Chemical

Constitution) I-5

Styrene Butadiene Rubber Based Adhesives I-5

Phenolic Adhesives I-5

Polyolefin Adhesives I-5

Epoxy Adhesives I-6

Starch & Dextrin based Adhesives I-6

Acrylic Adhesives I-6

Cyanoacrylates Adhesives I-6

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives I-7

Acrylic Emulsion Adhesives I-7

Urea Formaldehyde Adhesives I-7

Polyvinyl Acetal Adhesives I-7

Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesives I-7

Neoprene Adhesives I-7

Thermoplastic Rubber based Adhesives I-7

Polyurethane Adhesives I-8

Natural Rubber based Adhesives I-8

Protein based Adhesives I-8

Furan Adhesives I-8

Polyvinyl Chloride based Adhesives I-8

Reclaimed Rubber based Adhesives I-8

Silicate Adhesives I-9

Silicone Rubber based Adhesives I-9

Polyamide Adhesives I-9

Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives I-9

Butyl Rubber & PIB Adhesives I-9

Polyester Adhesives I-9

Saturated Polyester Adhesives I-10

Unsaturated Polyester Adhesives I-10

Ethylene Acrylic Acid Adhesives I-10

Bitumen based Adhesives I-10

Miscellaneous I-10

Other Elastomeric Adhesives I-10

Other Synthetic Resin Adhesives and Sealants I-10

Other Natural and Inorganic Products I-11

Classification of Sealants (Based on their Chemical

Constitution) I-11

Anaerobic Sealants I-11

Acrylic Sealants I-11

Latex Sealants I-11

Bitumen based Sealants I-11

Butyl Rubber based Sealants I-11

Epoxy Sealants I-12

Oleoresinous Sealants I-12

Polysulfide Sealants I-12

Polyurethane Sealants I-12

Polyvinyl-based Sealants I-12

Polyvinyl Alcohol Sealants I-12

Polyvinyl Chloride-based Sealants I-13

Reclaimed Rubber based Sealants I-13

Silicone Sealants I-13

Styrene Butadiene Rubber based Sealants I-13

Thermoplastic Rubber based Adhesives I-13


1. Industry Overview II-1

Outlook II-1

Table 1: Global Silicone PSA Market (2005): Percentage Breakdown of Value Demand by Region/Country - Asia-Pacific, Americas, Japan, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-2

Developing Regions Perk Up Global Adhesives and Sealants Demand II-2

Market Snapshots II-2

Adhesive Types and End-Use Markets II-3

2. Adhesives & Sealants Market: A Competitive Profile II-4

Table 2: Leading Players in the Global Adhesives and Sealants Market (2005): Sales in US$ Million for Henkel KgaA, Bostik, H.B. Fuller, ICI/National Starch and Chemical, 3M, Rohm and Haas, and RPM (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-4

Table 3: Leading Players in the Global Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market (2004): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales for Henkel, 3M, Avery Dennison, National Starch, H. B. Fuller, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5

Table 4: Leading Players in the Global Fastening Technology and Sealants Market (2004): Percentage Breakdown of Sales for Henkel, National Starch, H.B. Fuller, Bostik Findley, Rohm and Haas, Huntsman, 3Bond, Dow Auto, Chemetall, and Nihon (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5

3. Market Trends & Issues II-6

Stringent Environmental Regulations Driving Market II-6

Market Consolidation on the Rise II-6

Asia-Pacific and Latin America: High Potential Markets II-6

Asia-Pacific II-7

Central & South America II-7

Medical Adhesive and Sealants - A Robust Market II-7

Unconventional Adhesive and Sealants - Making their Presence Felt II-7

4. Technology Trends II-8

Practical Advantages Amidst Environmental Concerns II-8

Environmental Concerns Against Growing Technology II-8

Super Glue: The Harbinger of Technological Revolution II-8

Mechanical Fasteners: Losing their Grip II-8

5. Critical Issues Confronting the Industry II-10

Dependence on the Core End-Users Health II-10

Environmental Concerns II-10

6. Technology Trends in Select Adhesive Chemical Classes II-11

Acrylic Adhesives II-11

Cyanoacrylates II-11

Phenolic Adhesives II-11

Epoxy Adhesives II-11

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives II-12

Radiation Cured-Adhesives II-12

Silicone Adhesives II-13

Polyurethane Adhesives II-13

Polybutenes II-13

7. Select Adhesive Product Trends II-14

EVA Elastomers II-14

Phenol II-14

Polyvinyl Alcohol II-14

Polyurethane Adhesives II-14

One-Component Polyurethane Adhesive Systems for Sophisticated Wood Construction II-14

Testing of One-Component Polyurethane Adhesive II-14

Synthetic Latex II-15

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Copolymer II-15

Ethyl Cyanoacrylates II-15

Epoxy II-16

8. Global Market Analysis II-17

Adhesives Market II-17

Volume Sales II-17

Value Sales II-17

Sealants Market II-17

Volume Sales II-17

Value Sales II-17

9. Product Overview II-19

Adhesives II-19

Classification of Adhesives II-19

Styrene Butadiene Rubber based Adhesives II-19

Phenolic Adhesives II-19

Polyolefin Adhesives II-19

Epoxy Adhesives II-20

Starch & Dextrin based Adhesives II-20

Acrylic Adhesives II-20

Cyanoacrylic Adhesives II-21

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives II-21

Acrylic Emulsion Adhesives II-21

Urea Formaldehyde Adhesives II-21

Polyvinyl Acetal Adhesives II-22

Polyvinyl Acetate Adhesives II-22

Neoprene Adhesives II-22

Thermoplastic Rubber based Adhesives II-23

Polyurethane Adhesives II-23

Natural Rubber based Adhesives II-23

Protein based Adhesives II-23

Furan Adhesives II-24

Polyvinyl Chloride based Adhesives II-24

Reclaimed Rubber based Adhesives II-24

Silicate Adhesives II-24

Silicone Rubber based Adhesives II-24

Polyamide Adhesives II-25

Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives II-25

Nitrile Adhesives II-25

Butyl Rubber & Polyisobutylene Adhesives II-25

Polyester Adhesives II-26

Saturated Polyester Adhesives II-26

Unsaturated Polyester Adhesives II-26

Ethylene Acrylic Acid Adhesives II-26

Bitumen based Adhesives II-26

Miscellaneous Adhesives II-26

Other Elastomeric Adhesives II-26

Other Synthetic Resin Adhesives and Sealants II-26

Other Natural and Inorganic Products II-27

Classification of Adhesives by Select Category II-27

II. Sealants II-28

Classification of Sealants II-28

Anaerobic Sealants II-28

Acrylic Sealants II-28

Latex Sealants II-29

Bitumen based Sealants II-29

Butyl Rubber based Sealants II-29

Epoxy based Sealants II-29

Oleoresinous Sealants II-29

Polysulphide Sealants II-30

Polyurethane Sealants II-30

Polyvinyl-based Based Sealants II-30

Polyvinyl Alcohol Sealants II-30

Polyvinyl Chloride-based Sealants II-30

Reclaimed Rubber based Sealants II-30

Silicone Sealants II-30

Styrene Butadiene Rubber based Sealants II-31

Thermoplastic Rubber based Sealants II-31

Classification of Sealants by Select Category II-31

10. Adhesives and Sealants Market: A Retrospect II-32

Historic Milestones II-32

One of the Most Dynamic Markets II-33

11. Global Adhesives and Sealants Market : The Regional Divide II-34

12. Global Markets and Trans-National Migration II-36

13. Key Markets II-37

The United States II-37

Prospective Features II-37

Table 5: Adhesives Market in North America (2004): Percentage Breakdown of Value Production by Technology - Water Borne, Hot Melts, Solvent Borne, One-Part System, Two-Part Reactive System, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-38

Table 6: Adhesives Market in North America (2001-2004): Percentage Breakdown by End-Use Sector - Wood, Metal, Plastics, and Glass (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-38

European Adhesives Industry II-38

Germany II-39

The United Kingdom II-39

Trends in the UK Adhesives Market II-39

14. Global Adhesives and Sealants Market : An End-User Perspective II-40

Table 7: World Adhesives and Sealants Market (2006): Percentage Breakdown of Value Consumption by End-Use Sector - Packaging, Construction, Transportation, Assembly, Tapes, Consumer, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-40

Key End-Use Applications of Adhesives II-41

Key End-Use Applications of Sealants II-42

Consumer Markets II-42

Art and Hobby Adhesives and Sealants II-42

Auto Aftermarket Adhesives and Sealants II-42

Beautycare Products II-43

Do-It-Yourself Adhesives and Sealants II-43

Paper and School Type Adhesives II-44

Table 8: World Recent Past & Current Analysis for Pressure Sensitive Tape by Geographic Region - USA, Canada & Mexico, Western Europe, Japan, China, Rest of Asia-Pacific, and Others Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Million Square Meters for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-44

Dental and Medical Adhesives II-44

Electrical and Electronic Bonding II-46

New Applications Widen Market Opportunities II-47

Battery Cover Sealing and Battery Assembly II-47

Cable Sealing II-47

Thermally and Electrically Conductive Adhesive Bonding II-47

Motor and Magnet Bonding II-47

Printed Circuit Boards II-48

Pressure Sensitive Applications II-48

Other Markets II-49

Industrial Assembly II-49

Abrasive Bonding II-50

Appliance Assembly II-50

Bookbinding II-50

Carpet Bonding II-50

Filter and Heat Exchanger Assembly II-50

Foam Bonding II-51

Footwear Bonding II-51

Foundry Bonding II-51

Friction Materials II-51

Handles on Knives and Other Utensils, Containers, etc II-51

Inflatables II-51

Insulating and Other Glass Bonding II-52

Insulation II-52

Non-Wovens II-52

Office Partitions and Built-in Furniture II-52

Signs II-53

Sporting Goods II-53

Textile Assembly II-53

Other Adhesive Applications II-53

On-Site Construction and Repair II-53

Anti-Slip Material Bonding II-54

Ceramic Tile Bonding II-54

Concrete Bonding and Additives II-54

Decorative Applications II-55

Floor Tile, Carpet and Continuous Flooring II-55

General Caulking and Sealing II-56

Geomembranes and Geotextiles II-56

Natural Stone Bonding II-56

Weakness of Natural Stone Bonding Market II-56

Factors Influencing Natural Stone Bonding Market II-56

Pipe Bonding II-57

Pipe, Cable, and Wire Wrap II-57

Roofing Applications of Adhesives and Sealants II-57

Sealants for High Rise Windows II-57

Sealants for Penetration Fire Barriers II-57

Signs, Field Assemble & Sealing II-58

Wallcovering, Decorative II-58

Wallcovering, Drywall II-58

Wood and Wood Composites Bonding II-58

Other On-Site Construction Applications II-59

Electrical Cable Conduit II-59

Glass Bonding II-59

Steel Reinforcing Plates to Concrete II-59

Packaging II-59

Bottle Cap Liners II-59

Cans Ends and Side Seam Bonding II-60

Case and Carton Sealing II-60

Cigarettes and Cigars II-60

Coextrusion Tiecoats II-60

Corrugated Paper Container and Carton Bonding II-60

Grocery Packaging II-60

Labels and Gummed Tapes II-60

Non-Pressure Sensitive Labels II-61

Pressure Sensitive Labels II-61

Paper Cups, Paper Cores, and Paper Tubes II-62

Tape Adhesives II-62

Other Adhesives Used in Packaging Applications II-62

Transportation II-62

Advanced Composite Bonding II-62

Aircraft and Aerospace II-63

Auto, Recreational Vehicle and Truck Bonding II-63

Hem Flange Bonding II-63

Interior and Exterior Trim Bonding II-63

Auto Aftermarket (Professional) II-64

Fuel Tank and Other Sealants II-64

High Temperature Applications II-64

Marine Applications II-64

Marine Applications of Sealants II-65

Safety Glass Laminating II-65

Threadlocking and Retaining II-65

Weather Stripping and Gasket Bonding II-65

Wood Products and Related Industries II-66

Drywall Manufacture II-66

Furniture Bonding II-66

General Wood Bonding II-66

Plywood II-66

Miscellaneous Markets II-66

Aerosol Packaged Adhesives and Sealants II-66

Jewelry II-67

Office and School Supplies II-67

Postage Stamps and Other Government Use Adhesives II-67

Miscellaneous Tapes and Labels II-67

Other Uses of Adhesives and Sealants II-68

Instrumentation II-68

Protective Clothing II-68

Toys II-69

15. Trends in Adhesives Applications II-71

Adhesives for Automotive II-71

Packaging II-71

Paper and Board Industry II-71

Tool Bonding II-72

16. Adhesives and Sealants: Chemistry II-73

Adhesives and Sealants Demystified II-73

Chemistry Behind Adhesion II-73

Substrate Contact II-74

Sealants II-74

Oleoresinous Type of Mastic (GP Mastic) II-74

Butyl Rubber and Other Synthetic Rubber-Based Sealants II-74

17. Adhesives and Sealants by End-Use Applications II-75

General Purpose Adhesives and Sealants II-75

Engineering Adhesives and Sealants II-75

Hot Melt Adhesives and Sealants II-75

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives II-77

Adhesive Films II-77

Aerosol Adhesives II-78

Radiation Cured Adhesives II-78

Table 9: World Recent Past and Current Analysis for Radiation Cured Adhesives Market with Annual Sales Figures in Million Pounds for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-79

Table 10: World Recent Past and Current Analysis for Radiation Cured Adhesives Market with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-79

Dental Medical Adhesives II-79

Conductive Adhesives and Sealants II-80

18. Adhesives and Sealants by Chemical Types II-81

Acrylic Chemical Type II-81

Acrylic Adhesives and Sealants II-81

Modified Acrylic Adhesives II-82

Acrylic Emulsion Adhesives II-82

Table 11: World Recent Past & Current Analysis for Emulsion-Polymer Consumption by End-Use Sector - Coatings, Adhesives and Others Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Thousand Metric Tons for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-84

Table 12: World Recent Past & Current Analysis for Emulsion-Polymer Consumption by Geographic Region - North America, Western Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in Thousand Metric Tons for Years 2000 through 2005 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-84

Table 13: Global Market for Emulsion Polymers in General-Purpose Adhesives (2000): Percentage Breakdown by Product Type - PVA & EVA, Acrylics, SB Latex, and Other Emulsions (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-85

Table 14: Global Adhesive Emulsions Market (2000): Percentage Breakdown by End-Use Segment - Packaging, Tapes & Labels, Nonwovens, and Consumer & Other (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-85

Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesives II-85

Acrylic Sealants II-85

Acrylic Film Adhesives II-86

Anaerobic Sealants and Adhesives II-86

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives II-86

Amino Resin based Adhesives II-87

Urea Formaldehyde Adhesives II-87

Melamine Formaldehyde Adhesives II-87

Bitumen based Adhesives and Sealants II-87

Butyl Rubber and Polyisobutylene based Adhesives and Sealants II-88

Cellulosic Adhesives II-88

Epoxy Adhesives and Sealants II-89

Ethylene Acrylic Acid Adhesives II-90

Furan Adhesives and Sealants II-90

Inorganic Adhesives II-90

Sodium and Potassium Silicate II-90

Other Inorganic Adhesives II-91

Ionomer Adhesives II-91

Natural Rubber based Adhesives II-91

Neoprene Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-91

Nitrile Rubber Adhesives II-92

Oleoresinous Adhesives and Sealants II-93

Phenolic based Adhesives II-93

Polyamide Adhesives II-93

Polyester Adhesives II-94

Saturated Polyester Adhesives II-94

Unsaturated Polyester Adhesives II-94

Polyimide and Other High Temperature Adhesives II-94

Polyolefin based Adhesives II-95

Polyethylene based Adhesives II-95

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Adhesives II-95

Polypropylene Resins II-95

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Resins II-96

Polysulfide Adhesives II-96

Polysulfide Sealants II-96

Polyurethane Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-96

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Adhesives II-97

Thermoset Polyurethane Adhesives II-97

Polyurethane Sealants II-97

Table 15: European Market for Polyurethane Adhesives and Sealants (2001): Consumption by End-Use Sector - Sales in Metric Tons for Flexible Packaging, Construction, Automotive, Sandwich Panels, Auto Direct Glazing, Footwear, General Assembly, Insulated Glazing, Wood/Furniture, Other Transport, and Miscellaneous II-97

Polyvinyl Butyral Adhesives II-98

Polyvinyl Acetate II-98

PVAC Emulsion Adhesives II-98

Polyvinyl Alcohol Adhesives II-99

Polyvinyl Chloride based Adhesives and Sealants II-99

Reclaimed Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-99

Resorcinol Formaldehyde Adhesives II-99

Silicone Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-100

Silicone Adhesives II-100

Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesives II-100

Silicone Sealants II-100

Starch and Dextrin based Adhesives II-101

Styrene Butadiene Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-101

Thermoplastic Rubber based Adhesives and Sealants II-102

Other Adhesives and Sealants II-102

Other Elastomeric Adhesives II-102

Other Synthetic Resin Adhesives and Sealants II-103

Other Natural and Inorganic Products II-103

19. A Profile on Hot Melts II-104

20. Polyurethanes - Versatile Applications II-106

21. Regulations Impacting the Adhesives and Sealants Industry over the Years II-107

Year Y2K Onwards II-107

The 1990s II-107

22. Technology Advances in Hot Melts and Waterborne Systems II-109

23. Technological Breakthroughs II-110

Potential for Nanotechnology in the Adhesives and Sealants Industry II-110

Dye Ensues as a Medical Adhesive II-112

Ohio State University Develops Technique to use Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate Adhesive II-112

24. Product Innovations/Introductions II-113

National Coatings Launches Low Rise Roofing Adhesive Series II-113

Huntsman Develops Araldite Adhesives for TAGSYS II-113

Huntsman and Intertronics Jointly Launch Araldite(R) 2000 PLUS Series II-113

Henkel Introduces Fast Curing Loctite(R) Adhesives II-113

Dow Launches AMPLIFY(TM) GR 380 Adhesive II-114

ITW Devcon Launches Permatex(R) ZipGrip(R) Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Series II-114

Bostik Flooring Introduces DURABOND D-808(TM) Exterior Carpet Adhesive II-114

Gluefast Launches GF 878U Adhesive II-114

DriTac Launches 'Green' DriTac 9200 FasTac Adhesive II-115

Permabond Engineering Launches New Toughened Cyanoacrylate Adhesives II-115

Compac Launches NetBond30 II-115

Franklin Introduces GREENchoice II-115

DYMAX Launches DYMAX MD(R) 209-CTH II-115

Kimberly-Clark Health Care Unveils InteguSeal Microbial Sealant II-116

Ashland Launches New PLIOGRIP(R) Versions II-116

Bostik Flooring Introduces DURABOND(R) D-321(TM) II-116

Bostik Flooring Launches DURABOND(R) D-745(TM) II-116

Bostik Findley Introduces DURABOND(R) D-1372(TM) II-117

Scapa North America Launches Masking Tape II-117

Scapa North America Launches UV-Resistant Adhesive Tape II-117

National Adhesives Develops Novel DURO-TAK(R) Elite 87-901A

Adhesive II-117

NaturalNano Develops Pleximer Adhesives and Coatings II-117

Scapa Industrial Launches Scapa 707, Silicone/Acrylic Adhesive Polyester Film II-118

Scapa Industrial Launches Scapa C401 Silicone Adhesive Tape II-118

Scapa Automotive Unveils Scapa 5414 Foam Tape II-118

DYMAX Launches DYMAX MD 1161-M Light Curing Adhesive II-118

National Adhesives Unveils DURO-TAK 34-659B Hot Melt Adhesive II-118

DYMAX Introduces New UV Curable LCD Adhesive Range II-119

LORD Launches New Acrylic Adhesive for Aluminum Materials Bonding II-119

Dow Corning Introduces DA-6534 Thermal Silicone Adhesive II-119

National Adhesives Develops DURO-TAK(R) 87-202A Adhesive II-119

National Adhesives Launches New 32-541A Resin UC(TM) Laminating Adhesive II-120

Master Bond Launches EP30P Two-Component Adhesive System II-120

Ashland Specialty Polymers & Adhesives Launches Adhesive Product Range in China II-120

Fomo Products Introduces Handi-Stick, Durable Adhesive II-120

Dymax Rolls Out 193-M-VLV Light Cure Adhesive II-121

Dymax Rolls Out 3-20469 UV-Visible Cure Adhesive II-121

Dymax Launches Ultra Light-Weld 3-20741 Adhesive II-121

Henkel Rolls Out Loctite 435 Prism Instant Adhesive II-121

Dymax Introduces OP-29 Series of Optical Adhesives II-122

Bentley Prince Street Unveils Environment-Friendly Adhesives II-122

Henkel Unveils New Range of Structural Adhesives II-122

Acucote Unveils GPX Adhesive System II-123

BASF Launches Latest Adhesive Coating Technology II-123

Bostik Flooring Develops DURABOND(R) Strip and Adhesive Product II-123

US Researcher Develops Novel Process for Manufacturing Polyolefin-derived Adhesive Resins II-123

PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Expands Adhesive Products Line II-123

Huntsman Launches New SUPRASEC 9584 MDI Isocyanate Primer System II-124

Scapa Introduces UnifilmO U800B Acrylic Transfer Adhesive II-124

Scapa Introduces Dublfilm S996 Adhesive II-124

Scapa Introduces Unifilm U725 Acrylic Transfer Adhesive II-124

Scapa Industrial Introduces Unifilm U740A Transfer Adhesive II-124

Scapa Automotive Launches Unifilm U631A Transfer Adhesive II-125

Scapa Medical Launches BioflexO Rx1207P Acrylic Adhesive II-125

Hernon Unveils ReAct 784 Structural Adhesive II-125

GE Sealants Introduces GE Infinity II-125

DriTac Introduces Easy Spread DriTac 7400 Wood Flooring Adhesive II-125

Bostik Flooring Introduces Universal Flooring Adhesive, DURABOND D-1500 II-126

Henkel Launches Loctite Adhesive Gel II-126

Henkel Unveils OSI Green Series of Adhesive Products II-126

National Adhesives Unveils New Bondmaster 40-453A Adhesive II-126

Scapa Launches P999 Lexan Polycarbonate Adhesive II-126

Scapa North America Introduces Scapa 706 Silicone Adhesive II-127

Rohm and Haas Unveils Robond L Second Generation Adhesives II-127

Franklin Launches ReacTITE EP-925, a Formaldehyde-Free Adhesive II-127

Henkel Launches Loctite(R) Adhesive System II-127

Dynea Develops Advanced Structural Wood Adhesive System II-127

Henkel Introduces Adhesive for Galvanized Steel II-128

Henkel Launches Thermally Conductive Adhesives Range II-128

LORD Corporation Launches Enhanced Seam Sealer II-128

Seal Unveils Print Mount Adhesive Films II-128

Creative Materials Introduces Epoxy Adhesive for IC Packaging II-129

Seal Graphics Introduces SEAL Inkjet Solvent Economy Vinyl Media II-129

Rohm and Haas Introduces RobondT PS 7650 Adhesive II-129

Permabond Introduces New Range of Epoxy Adhesives II-129

Hexis Revamps Self-Adhesive Vinyl Media Products II-129

Eastman Introduces Tacolyn 3509 Resin Dispersions II-130

Eastman Unveils Eastoflex APOs II-130

ExxonMobil Chemical Launches New Self-Adhesive Label Film II-130

MACtac(R) Introduces MACmark(R) 6600 Series of Marking Films II-130

MACtac(R) Launches Tailored Transdermal Systems for Medicinal Applications II-130

MACtac(R) Releases Ultra-Low Adhesives for Medical Industry II-130

MACtac(R) Launches MACdots(R) Coating System for Medical Industry II-131

DAP(R) Rolls Out New VOC Compliant Caulk and Adhesives II-131

Scapa Unveils 425 Matte Gaffers Tape II-131

Scapa Introduces Linerless Automotive Polyester Tape II-131

Scapa Launches BioflexO Rx232V-60 Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive II-131

Scapa Industrial Introduces Scapa P3257 Tape Coated with Adhesive II-131

Scapa Launches New Adhesive Tape II-131

Illbruck Enhances Webbseal Product Range II-132

Tyco Adhesives Releases Nashua(R) High Heat Duct Tape II-132

Jowat Adhesives Offers ViseTite(TM) Paste II-132

Westech Rolls Out Ekho Thermoset Adhesive II-132

3M Introduces Polystyrene Foam Insulation 78 Spray Adhesive II-132

Dow Unveils EA-6700 Microelectronic Adhesive II-132

Mixpac System Releases New MIXPAC DX Series PAM(R) Dispensing System II-133

Devcon Introduces New Plastic Welder(TM) SD Adhesive II-133

Devcon Launches Flex Bond(TM) II-133

Devcon Unveils Syon(R) Electrically Conductive Adhesive Solders II-133

Devcon Offers Single-Component Epoxies II-133

Devcon Introduces Rubber-Toughened Adhesives II-133

Devcon Rolls Out Magic Bond(TM) Epoxy Stick II-133

LORD Corporation Unveils New Eco Friendly Adhesive II-133

MACtac(R) Upgrades its High-Tack 705 Adhesive II-134

Phenoseal Introduces PHENOSEAL(R) Adhesives II-134

Phenoseal Launches Phenoseal(R) Acrylic Latex Adhesive II-134

DAP Launches Kwik Seal Plus(R) MICROBAN(R) Adhesive II-134

DAP Unveils DAPtex(R) Plus Foam Sealant II-134

Scapa Unveils High Temperature Scapa 653 Silicone Adhesive II-134

Scapa Launches Double Coated Dublfilm S812A with Acrylic Adhesives II-134

Scapa Introduces Dublfilm SP454E Coated with Acrylic Adhesive II-135

Scapa Unveils Bioflex Rx630P Film Coated with Urethane Heat Seal Adhesive II-135

Scapa Releases Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film for Medical Application II-135

Scapa Rolls Out Bioflex Rx1034P Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape II-135

Scapa Introduces Scapa 512 Tape II-135

Scapa Introduces Bioflex Rx607P Adhesive II-135

Scapa Introduces Bioflex Rx 268S Adhesive Film II-135

Scapa Divulges Bioflex Rx1152P II-135

Scapa Unveils Acrylon A1179G-PE Tape II-136

Scapa Rolls Out Polyimide Film II-136

Scapa Releases Bumpergard (TM) 3364 Tape II-136

Scapa Releases Scapa 250 for Automotive Industry II-136

Scapa Unveils Scapa 5169 Foam Tape II-136

Scapa Introduces T3605 Tape II-136

Scapa Industrial Releases Autolon(R) 824 Tape II-136

Tyco Plastics & Adhesives Unveils New Aerospace Tape II-137

Tyco Rolls Out First Residue-Free Tape for Construction Industry II-137

Tyco Plastics & Adhesives Introduces Nashua(R) Stretch Sealing Tape II-137

Wisdom Adhesives Launches Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive II-137

Dow Releases Solventless Pressure Sensitive Adhesive II-137

Huntsman Advanced Materials Unveils New Aerospace Adhesives II-137

Huntsman Introduces Two New Products II-137

Kraton Polymers Introduces New Polymer II-138

RS Industrial Introduces Dry Glue Product Series II-138

Permabond Unveils Permabond E3334 Epoxy Adhesive II-138

Pidilite Launches M-Seal Plumber II-138

Scapa Industrial Rolls Out Adhesive Transfer Film II-138

Nitto Denko Designs New Adhesive Composition II-138

Ineos Silicas Rolls Out Silicate Adhesives II-139

Allevyn Expands Range of Adhesive Products II-139

Mapei UK Launches Elastic Adhesives II-139

Sony Unveils Line Up of Free Radical Acrylic Adhesives II-139

Worthen Industries Introduces Film Adhesive II-140

Macco Adhesives Provides Liquid Nails Perfect Glue II-140

National Starch and Chemical Company Develops New Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives II-140

Hernon Introduces New Surface Insensitive Thread-Locking Adhesive II-140

GE Sealants & Adhesives Launches GE Siding-Seal II-140

National Starch & Chemical Launches New Adhesive II-140

Loctite Launches Power Grab II-140

Rohm and Haas Company Unveils Mor-Melt Reactive Hot-Melt Adhesives Globally II-141

Henkel Launches Pattex Lightning Brush Adhesive Glue II-141

DJK Laboratories Develops Formalin-Free Adhesive II-141

Waterproof Epoxy Line from Super Glue II-141

Mactac Technical Products Rolls Out IB-2120 Tape II-141

Buckman Laboratories International Markets New Enzyme II-141

The Rohm and Haas Company Rolls Out New Adhesive II-142

Dow Corning Launches Silicone Sealants Range II-142

Asahi Kasei Rolls Out PVC Substitute II-143

Flexible Epoxy Polysulfide Elastomer II-143

Shanghai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins Develops PU Foam Sealant II-143

Eurotech Brings Out New Acrylic-Based Hybrid Non-isocyanate Polyurethane II-144

Dymax Unveils New Range of Low Stress Adhesives II-144

Devcon Launches Range of Electrically and Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesives II-144

Cyclo Industries Launches Professional RTV Gasket Makers and Adhesive Sealants II-145

Foam Enterprises Launches 700 Series Roofing Adhesive II-145

Chem Link Introduces Moisture-cure Laminating Adhesive II-145

Silicone Rolls Out New Silicone-Related Products II-145

Dow Corning Launches Silicon Sealant for Aluminum Bonding II-145

National Starch & Chemical Rolls Out Bedding System II-146

Jentex Introduces New Adhesive Web Products II-146

Devcon Unveils Heat-Resistant Epoxy Adhesive II-146

Pidilite Rolls Out Special Fabric Glue II-146

Loctite Brings Out Silver-Filled Conductive Adhesive II-146

Bemis Associates Launches New Polyoletin-Based Dry Film Adhesive II-147

Chemence Launches UV-Curing Adhesive II-147

Hubei Unveils Water-Solubility Polymer Adhesive II-147

Rohm and Haas Launches Water-Based Robond L Series II-147

Loctite Launches Resionol 90R for Sealing Castings II-147

ADMTronics Unlimited Introduces Antistatic Additive II-147

Innovative Coatings Rolls Out InstaChem Sealant II-148

Oliver Products Launches Adhesive for Use with Lidding Material II-148

Akzo Launches New Foil Adhesive II-148

Custom Building Products Brings Out New Range of Adhesives II-148

Rohm and Haas Launches Robond CS Adhesives II-149

Aremco Products Unveils Boron Nitride Coating System II-149

Huntsman Polyurethanes Launches SUPRASEC Isocyanates II-149

Scapa North America Introduces Fire-Retardant Adhesive Tape II-149

Accumetric Makes Neutral Silicone Sealant II-150

Transene Develops Conductive Epoxy Thermoset Adhesive II-150

Electronic Materials Rolls Out Low-viscosity Acrylate-based Adhesive II-150

Adhesives Research Releases Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Transfer Adhesive II-150

Permabond Releases Moisture-Cure Hybrid Adhesive II-150

Valspar Extends Bonding Adhesive Manufacturing Activities II-150

Degussa Introduces Epoxy Pigment Dispersions II-150

ADMTronics Releases Redesigned Water-based Laminating Adhesive II-151

National Starch and Chemical Company Develops Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives II-151

New Waterproof Adhesives Launched for Dealing with Floor Squeaks II-151

United Resin Rolls Out Optik-Bond, Fiber Optic Adhesives II-151

Launch of Silver-Filled Thermally Conductive Adhesive, QMI 526 II-151

DAP Introduces Solvent-Free Advanced Polymer Technology II-151

Loctite Rolls Out Water-based Adhesives for Automotive Applications II-151

Manco Rolls Out Loctite Easy Brush II-152

Loctite Brings Out 55 Pipe Sealing Cord II-152

Hard Rock Tool Launches Stone Pro Adhesive II-152

Tenax Introduces Epoxy Gel II-152

Qingdao Develops Cold-bonding PU Compounding Adhesives II-152

Sandia National Laboratory Designs New Epoxy Adhesive II-152

Three Bond International Introduces UV-Curing Epoxy Adhesive II-153

Appli-tec Rolls Out Dual-Cure Adhesives II-153

Collano Launches New Hot Melt Adhesives II-153

Gold Eagle Company Rolls Out No Leak Sealers II-153

Hernon Launches Powerseal 932 II-153

Gold Eagle Rolls Out New Packaging for AlumAseal Radiator Sealers II-154

ADMTronics Launches AB2 Adhesive for Foams and Films II-154

Bostik Findley Rolls Out Silyl Modified Polymers II-154

CMI Launches 122-07 Screen Printable One-Part Epoxy Coating and Adhesive II-154

Bayer Rolls Out Raw Materials for High-Grade Adhesives II-154

Specialty Polymers & Adhesives Unveils Transportation Adhesives II-155

Tra-Con Rolls Out Two-Component Epoxy II-155

Creative Materials Launches 118-06 (M) Adhesive II-155

Enecon Launches SuperBond II-155

Tra-Con Launches New Very-Low-Viscosity Epoxy Adhesive II-155

Cotronics Rolls Out Epoxy Curing at Room Temperature II-155

Huntsman Polyurethanes Rolls Out Systems for Use in Pultrusion II-156

TEC Specialty Products Rolls Out Acrylic-Based Wall and Floor Adhesive II-156

Surgical Sealants Launches Proprietary Medical Devices II-156

Emerson & Cuming Launches Electrically and Thermally Conductive Epoxy Film Adhesive II-157

Avery Dennison VIP Converted Products NA Brings Out High-Speed Labeling System II-157

Pam Fastening Technology Launches Stick-Glue Gun II-157

ITW Devcon Launches a Range of Dispensing Systems II-157

Henkel Iberica Launches New Adhesive Material to the Pattex Line in Spain II-157

Armstrong Launches Linoleum Adhesive II-157

Dependable Chemical Introduces Vaporseal II-158

Transilwrap Introduces "No-Residue" Tipping Adhesive II-158

Laticrete Brings Out New Stone Adhesive II-158

Sony Launches New Clear Acrylic Adhesive II-158

Worthen Industries Introduces New Laminating Hot Melt II-158

Adhesives Research Launches ARclear Adhesives II-158

Dymax Unveils Light Cure Adhesives for Medical Bonding Problems II-159

Wisdom Adhesives Launches High-Performance Spray Adhesive II-159

Devcon Introduces Range of Epoxy and Urethane Compounds II-159

Franklin Unveils New Glue II-159

EIC Laboratories Rolls Out New Epoxy Adhesive II-159

Beardow Adams Introduces BAMFutura Line II-160

Eurotech Introduces HNIPU II-160

Adchem Brings Out New Transfer Adhesive II-160

American Formulating & Manufacturing Introduces AFM Safe Choice Carpet Seal II-160

Akzo Nobel Inks Rolls Out UV Curable Adhesive II-160

Vantico Launches Araldite 2027 II-161

Chemence Teams Up with Cordis Endovascular to Make Cyanoacrylate Adhesive II-161

Permabond Introduces Acrylic Adhesives II-161

Henkel Adhesives Introduces PUR Adhesives II-161

Sony Chemicals Launches Acrylic Adhesive II-161

Oomseft PMB Private Launches 'Sealoflex' in India II-161

25. Recent Industry Activity II-162

Bostik Acquires Dupont' Adhesives Business II-162

Dymax Acquires Indiana-based Crosslink Technologies II-162

Beardow Adams Acquires Fentac Adhesives' Business Operations II-162

3M Acquires Chemence's Rite-Lok Industrial Adhesives II-162

3M Acquires Sealed Air's Stake in PolyMask II-162

Hexion Acquires Orica's Resin and Adhesive Business II-163

Hodgson Sealants Acquires Scapa Group's Sealants Operations II-163

Delphon Acquires UltraTape II-163

Filtrona Acquires Duraco II-163

Artecola Acquires Adhesive Companies in Argentina, Chile and Peru II-164

Dow Polyurethanes Acquires Hyperlast II-164

Hexion to Acquire German Resin Business of Arkema II-164

Royal Adhesives and Sealants Takes Over Product Line of Industrial Adhesives II-164

Henkel to Acquire National Starch II-165

Akzo Nobel to Acquire Chemcraft II-165

Total Acquires Adhesives Business of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co II-165

Henkel to Combine Adhesive and Technologies Business Divisions II-165

Huntsman Forms Russian Polyurethane Joint Venture with NMB II-165

Dow Corning Appoints Sealing Devices as Technical Distributor II-166

Dow Automotive to Supply Bonding Solutions to Toyota's Russian Plant II-166

Bayer MaterialScience to Expand Capacity for Adhesive and Coating Raw Materials in China II-166

National Starch and Chemical Company to Invest in Emulsion Polymerization Facility in China II-167

Rohm and Haas to Establish Polyacrylates and Emulsion Polymers Plant in Mexico II-167

Sika Commences Operations at Sixth Chinese Production Facility II-167

Laticrete International Establishes Laticrete Ireland II-167

H.B. Fuller Reorganizes Businesses for Superior Efficiencies and Growth II-167

Dynea Divests North American Facilities II-168

DSM Composite Divests Plasticizers Business II-168

Creto Nevada Divests All Assets to Establish Creto Michigan II-168

OMRIX Bags FDA Approval for Evicel(TM) Sealant II-168

Henkel Acquires Wembley Laboratories' Quickfix Brand II-169

Sika Acquires Proxan Dichtstoffe II-169

Fremont Partners Takes Over IPS Corp. II-169

Stokvis Tapes Acquires Pune-based Prostick Adhesive Tapes II-169

3M Acquires NorthStar Chemicals II-169

H.B. Fuller Acquires Henkel KGaA's IGS Operations II-170

LORD Acquires Henkel KGaA's Rubber-based Operations II-170

Hexion Acquires Akzo Nobel's Worldwide Adhesive Resins and Inks Operations II-170

Sika Acquires Huber+Suhner Group's Waterproofing and Roofing Operations II-170

Royal Adhesives Acquires Basic Adhesives' Industrial Adhesive Range II-170

Henkel Acquires Hexion Specialty Chemicals' Alba Adesivos II-171


Henkel CEE Acquires CIMSEC II-171

Ashland Inks Agreement with Northwest Coatings II-171

Apollo Management Acquires GE Advanced Materials Business II-171

Tremco Global Acquires Permaquik II-172

ALTANA Chemie Acquires Rad-Cure II-172

Apollo Acquires Tyco Plastics and Adhesives II-172

Hexion Acquires Rhodia Group's Coatings and Adhesives Business II-172

Altana Chemie Takes Over Kelstar International II-173

Dynea Forms Joint Venture with JSC Karbolit and MetaDynea II-173

CryoLife Teams Up with BioForm for BioGlue(R) Development and Marketing II-173

Eastman (Shanghai) Chemical Inks Pact with West Tech II-173

ThermoGenesis Signs License and Supply Agreement with Biomet Biologics II-173

ITW Acquires Production and Marketing Rights of ACS Surfacing Adhesives II-174

National Starch Expands Manufacturing Facility II-174

Sika to Expand Polyurethane Adhesive Production Capacity II-174

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