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DAREarts Foundation Inc. for Children

November 29, 2007 10:52 ET

LetsStopAIDS Shares a "Touching" HIV Experience at the Ontario Science Centre

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2007) - Science can yet again be given a human face with an AIDS activist sharing his experiences from journeys past and talking as well about his experiences that young people are facing in the fight against HIV and AIDS. On November 30th, Shamin Mohamed Jr., 19, who as a 15-year old founded the national charity, LetsStopAIDS with support from DAREarts Foundation, will be talking to youth at the Ontario Science Centre about HIV and what action we must take as a community to fight it here at home, let alone elsewhere in the country and the world.

Shamin, who is a graduate of DAREarts, has travelled to many places around the world to help educate and promote good practices among youth infected with HIV. He has also brought back to Torontonians information about the epidemic and how it is being played out at both the local level and the political level overseas. The difficulties he saw and had to deal with overseas were only a small fraction of the underlying problems plaguing underdeveloped nations in the areas he visited.

Through LetsStopAIDS/Children's AIDS Health Program, Shamin has been able to provide Torontonians, especially youth and children, with an outlet to legitimize and bring credibility to the issues facing youth affected by HIV and AIDS. The organization serves youth across Canada as it begins to form its youth directed and oriented peer education/support network. This core project that the charity will fulfill in the next few years will serve as its basis to provide this network on a global scale.

LetsStopAIDS has visited India and South Africa on program delivery missions to help support youth overseas affected by the HIV virus. Canadian contingents have already provided support and education to youth and families in those countries, which are very heavily affected by the virus. Whereas HIV is a chronic condition in developed nations, such as Canada, those living in substandard housing and poor living conditions in the Third World must fight for the rights and benefits afforded to citizens of well to do nations.

Although more work is to come, the charity is also building on its domestic component, and also tentatively looks to work in the north with communities that often find themselves having to come to the far south to seek guidance, counsel and support in their own fight against HIV/AIDS. It is however the most important part to get youth back into the scene and getting youth to use their voice, no matter how small or how unimportant they may feel, to have policymakers and large conglomerates listen. Imagine this scene being played out not just in our own country, but around the world where only money truly talks.

It is this highly vital information that Shamin will bring to the Ontario Science Centre's SCI-FRI event, this coming Friday, November 30 from 7 to 10 p.m. The event occurs at the Weston Family Innovation Centre, Level D of the Science Centre.

Shamin will be making a call to youth to get involved, and the youth onsite will be able to speak with all interested parties about their desire to help bring a stop to the difficulty experienced by those affected by HIV, here in Toronto, and around the world.


LetsStopAIDS/Children's AIDS Health Program is a Canadian charity founded in 2004, with support from the DAREarts Foundation, dedicated to supporting youth affected by the HIV virus. Its primary goal: reduce ever increasing rates of transmission within Canada and internationally via outreach missions and educational seminars delivered where needed.

Although the broad focus on HIV is generally held overseas, LetsStopAIDS/Children's AIDS Health Program has a very strong domestic component aiming to support local and national initiatives helping to reduce the rate of transmission everywhere.

More information on the charity and its works are available at http://www.LetsStopAIDS.org.

More information on India Mission 2007: Realizing a Vision: http://india.LetsStopAIDS.org.

The event runs from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Information on SCI-FRI is available at the Ontario Science Centre website: http://www.osc.on.ca.

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