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February 12, 2010 08:00 ET

Life Insurance Resources Online

One Million Consumers Purchase a Life Insurance Policy Every Month, a List of Online Resources for Consumers, From SelectQuote

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 12, 2010) - Every month almost a million Americans research and purchase a new life insurance policy. That's because finance experts say life insurance is the foundation of a smart financial plan, particularly when there are family and loved ones who depend on a person's financial support.

The value of life insurance is apparent to most people, even if they do not want to think about the subject. Life insurance replaces lost income and pays for the way of life a provider gives to his or her family. Life insurance ensures that house payments are made, meals are on the table, bills are paid and dreams, such as an education, are realized. All other financial planning can be for naught without the foundation of life insurance in place.

To ensure the best value when purchasing a life insurance policy, experts say it's a good idea to research and compare life insurance quotes and prices online for different policies. Life insurance quotes and costs can vary widely depending on variables such as age, health and whether the person smokes.

Below are some leading online sources to consult when considering life insurance:

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education

Educational foundation that provides a variety of life insurance information:

American Council of Life Insurers

Life insurance industry group which has a range of information and brochures:

Life Insurance Information:

Types of Life Insurance:

AM Best

Independent company that provides ratings for leading life insurance companies:


Popular personal finance magazine for consumers offers an online life insurance calculator:

CNN Money

The trusted name in news provides a dedicated personal finance page with links to a range of information on personal finance and life insurance:

Suze Orman

The official website for the acclaimed financial advisor and author of "Nine Steps to Financial Freedom" offers personal finance content:

Suze Orman Website:

Life Insurance Advice:

Service for consumers to help them learn more about the various insurance options available to them and their families from home, to auto, to health and life insurance.

Life InsuranceTree:


The nation's number one term life insurance sales agency, offering consumers life insurance quotes and comparisons from more than a dozen of the country's leading and most highly-rated insurance carriers:


Life Insurance Process:

Term Life Insurance:

Life Insurance Quotes:

Life Insurance Calculator:

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