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Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

June 20, 2007 13:50 ET

LifeStyles® Brand Condoms Bets You Didn't Know These and Other Facts about Animals!

RED BANK, N.J.--(Collegiate Presswire - June 20, 2007) - Did you know: A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes, a lion can mate 50 times a day, a whale has the largest sex organ in the animal kingdom, and a female rabbit has two "reproductive channels"? These are just some of the remarkable but true findings compiled by LifeStyles® brand condoms on the "mating dance" in the animal kingdom while researching human sexuality to help promote the use of condoms for sexual health and pleasure.

You also may not know some of the other facts from LifeStyles® found below. But we want you to know LifeStyles® Condoms offer "feel good protection" condoms and sexual enhancement products, including a variety of flavors and textures, 4Play by LifeStyles®, Excite™ Sensual Gel, personal lubricants and more! LifeStyles® Condoms are available in stores and on the Web at

"Call it what you want -- animal attraction, human nature, basic instinct -- it's a jungle out there, and humans perform a mating dance just the same as their animal counterparts," said Carol Carrozza, VP, Consumer Marketing, Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, maker of LifeStyles® brand condoms. "LifeStyles products make that dance a sensual and sexually exciting experience. And, unforgettable, just like some of the facts below."

Brought to you by LifeStyles® condoms, here are the "Top 10 Facts You Probably Did Not Know about Animals - and May be Surprised to Learn!"

(Editors: Tamara, one of the LifeStyles® Condoms "Leopard Ladies," and Carol Carrozza, VP of Consumer Marketing, Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, are available to read this quiz on morning and mid-day television, drive-time radio shows and late-night comedy/talk shows. Contact LifeStyles® using the information below.)


(Compiled by LifeStyles® Brand Condoms)

Q: What are the only two species that have sex for pleasure?

A: Humans and dolphins

Q: What king of the jungle can mate more than 50 times a day?

A: A lion

Q: What circus performer can be pregnant for up to 2 years?

A: An elephant

Q: What slimy creature has reproductive organs in its head?

A: A snail

Q: What is the only bird with a penis?

A: A swan

Q: What barnyard animal can have an orgasm that can last for 30 minutes?

A: A pig

Q: What spider will usually eat the male after mating?

A: A female black widow. She only has to mate once because she can store the male's sperm, and then fertilize her own eggs as she lays them in the sac.

Q: What insect may attack and eat the father of her own children?

A: A female praying mantis

Q: What aquatic creature has the biggest penis?

A: That distinction belongs to the blue whale. The largest measured penis reached 8 feet!

Q: What furry creature has two reproductive channels?

A: A female rabbit has two vaginas.

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