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October 10, 2007 09:17 ET

The Linley Group Expands Coverage of Wireless Market With Reports on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity Chips, Mobile-TV Chips, and Handset Processors

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 10, 2007) - The Linley Group, the leading provider of technology analysis of communications silicon, has expanded its wireless semiconductor coverage to address the dynamics of this booming market. Three new reports covering Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity chips, mobile-TV receivers, and handset processors provide an in-depth look at the competitors, products, and technologies in this market. In addition to the market share and forecasts found in typical market-research reports, these reports go a step further by providing in-depth technology analysis to identify crucial trends, emerging technologies, and superior products, as well as conclusions about likely winners. The analysis covers not only the technology but also the business strategy behind all the announced products. The reports provide a full spectrum of information to OEMs, chip suppliers, and investors allowing them to make informed business decisions.

"A Guide to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity Chips" analyzes both the current generation of mobile Wi-Fi (802.11) chips along with the next generation of combo connectivity chips that are enabling Wi-Fi technology to move from laptops to handsets for fast data transfer rates and Internet access. These new chips, which are changing the way handsets are designed, require a fraction of the power of standard Wi-Fi devices, allowing them to fit into cell phones, handheld game players, digital cameras, MP3 players, and similar applications. Smartphones, the biggest application for these devices, are already adopting Wi-Fi in record numbers. To further drive down costs, next-generation Wi-Fi chips will integrate Bluetooth and other connectivity functions such as FM radio.

Mobile-TV receivers are finding their way into handset, media player, navigation system, and PCs to allow consumer to enjoy television on the go. This shift is expected to create a potential market of 230 million units by 2011. "A Guide to Mobile TV Chips" tracks this complex market, where the prospect of integrating mobile-TV receivers into these devices has lured more than 40 suppliers. While the transition has been facilitated by the development of new digital specifications to improve receiver performance and reduce power consumption, the market remains fragmented, with a plethora of regional standards in use.

Despite the lure of a billion-unit market, wireless handsets prove to be one of the most difficult markets in which semiconductor vendors compete. Vendors are forced to constantly update their product lines to deliver the right combination of integration, multimedia features, and air interfaces for each price point to meet the fickle demands of carriers and end users. "A Guide to Wireless Handset Processors" focuses on application and baseband processors, including the trend toward baseband processors with integrated RF and power management.

The Linley Group reports provide technology analysis of the standards, technologies, vendors, and products driving this market. The authors pay particular attention to market position, market strategy, and roadmaps before diving into the key features, performance, and design details of each product. The reports also include a comprehensive tutorial section that includes discussion of key standards. The Linley Group's unique technology analysis cuts through the vendor hype to provide the information that handset designers need to make sense of this market.


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