June 10, 2009 12:59 ET

Local Brew Your Own Outbrews Commercial Breweries

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 10, 2009) - In a blind beer judging pitting beers brewed at Fermentations! against commercially brewed products, beers brewed at Fermentations! not only received the highest scores, but clearly demonstrated across a diversity of beers that Brew Your Own beers from Fermentations! stack up admirably to popular national, and international brands. Fermentations!, at 201 Danforth Avenue has been a destination for Torontonians since 1993 wanting to brew fresh, excellent beers at a fraction of the cost of buying similar beers via the usual retail channels.

The judging was conducted by Paul Dickie, Grand Master Beer Judge (and the highest ranking beer judge in Canada), Craig Nichols, National Beer Judge, and Mirella Amato Certified Beer Judge, and journalist May 14, 2009. The scoring was done in accordance with the guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Fermentations! submitted 6 beers for judging, consisting of new recipes being launched for Father's Day, June 21 to promote summer brewing. Submissions included Hefeweitzen (unfiltered bottle conditioned wheat beer), Bock, a stronger Dopplebock, Vienna Lager, Biere De Garde, and finally an American IPA. The highest scoring beers in the competition were awarded to Fermentations, the Dopplebock, receiving scores of 40 or above from 2 judges, and Biere De Garde, which received a 40 from one judge. No commercial beers received a score higher than 38. Average scores for beers submitted by Fermentations! ranged from 31.33 to 39, while commercial entries ranged from 30.33 to 36.33. The Beer Judge Scoring Guide considers beers scoring from 30 to 37 to be very good, 38 to 44 excellent, and 45-50 to be world class examples of the style. Commercial beers in the competition included Heineken, Creemore Ur-Bock, Wells IPA, and Chi-Ti Biere De Garde.

Charles Fajgenbaum, owner of Fermentations! gleefully stated "I am extremely happy with the results, as they objectively indicate what our clients have been appreciating since we opened in 1993- that the beer they brew with us compares more than favorably with commercially available beers. And with many beers that can bed brewed at Fermentations! costing 60% less than comparable commercial products, it is fair to say that at Fermentations, people can drink well, and spend less."

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