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January 14, 2010 01:00 ET

Low Salt and Grit Supplies Leave HGV Drivers at Risk

MIDDLESEX, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 14, 2010) - With Britain continuing to suffer from the worst winter weather for decades, HGV drivers are being warned to exercise extreme caution as many roads remain untreated. With many local councils reporting dwindling levels of salt and grit to treat roads, some have resorted to rationing amid fears that the situation will become critical if the weather does not improve over the coming days. This has led HGV insurance specialists Flint Insurance to warn clients to exercise extreme caution, and where possible to postpone journeys until conditions improve.

It is thought that following a series of relatively mild winters, many local councils have failed to prepare adequately by stocking up on supplies of salt and grit. Many councils have been forced to place emergency orders on suppliers, or even borrow from neighbouring authorities. It has been reported that some councils have been spreading only about half as much grit as is needed and many have reduced the number of routes being covered, in an attempt to preserve supplies.

There is now pressure on the supply of salt, with the main source at a mine in Winsford, Cheshire, struggling to cope with demand. The mine is capable of extracting 30,000 tonnes of rock salt each week, however, councils across England are currently spreading that amount on the roads every day. Despite this, the Highways Agency has insisted that it remains confident that it has enough grit and salt to cope and has deployed over five hundred snow ploughs and gritting lorries to work round the clock in an attempt to clear the roads.

These reports have obvious implications for companies which operate fleets of HGVs, as a spokesperson for truck insurance brokers Flint Insurance comments:

"For the average motorist, the current road conditions are an inconvenience, but for our clients, many of whom have livelihoods which depend on being able to use the roads, the situation is much worse. Clearly, many local councils have been dangerously under prepared for these circumstances and should be held accountable."


"We would urge all of our clients to exercise extreme caution before taking to the roads and ensure that they plan routes carefully to avoid the minor roads which will be particularly dangerous. If possible, you should look to postpone journeys which are not absolute necessary."

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