April 20, 2010 07:30 ET Get Ready to Experience a Revolution in Dating & Relationship Accountability!

Introducing, the new online social network that lets you dish about your latest Vibe and get priceless advice from your Entourage.

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Have you ever felt like you weren't getting honest feedback on that new guy or gal because, let's face it, the truth hurts? Do you feel like you've made similar relationship mistakes in the past and need to break the cycle? Do you want to know what impartial yet trustworthy peers think? Well, is the place to go.

Developed by Ms. Charly Nelson, (LuvHertz) is the first online social network exclusively dedicated to relationship and dating advice-sharing. It represents a new era in relationship accountability. LuvHertz is designed for people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations. It is for the single, dating, married and everything in between and is not a dating or matchmaking site.

The name LuvHertz is a play on the familiar saying 'love hurts'. Its meaning is derived from the novel, yet intuitive notion that love can be measured by its frequency - in hertz - and evaluated according to the positive or negative nature of that energy. 

It is easy to start taking control of your love life. Sign up for free at Create your VibeFile (profile) and invite your friends to join your Entourage. Then, update your LuvLog with new, exciting, good, bad and ugly experiences. When in doubt, and the battle between love and logic begins to take place, simply send your Entourage a FreqOut to alert them that their feedback is requested. With every opinion that comes through, your relationship barometer (VibeMeter) will quantify the advice you've received. LuvHertz will help improve the relationships that are worth saving and rescue people from investing time, money and energy into the ones that aren't.

Charly says, "When I'm trying to figure out if the guy I'm dating is relationship worthy, I try to build a mental pros and cons list in my mind. Sometimes I even put it down on paper. LuvHertz provides the evaluative tools required to make this list in an exciting and deliciously addictive social networking format. Instead of pros and cons, we have HighFreq (positive) and LowFreq (negative)".

Get off the sidelines of your love life and start Vibe'N to find out how your love life measures up!

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Founded in 2009 by Charly Nelson, LuvHertz is an online social network where members log on to get feedback about their love lives from other members. Receiving feedback on the good, the bad and the incredibly ugly allows people of all ages, statuses and backgrounds to stay accountable within their relationships. Visual reminders (charts and meters) that monitor progress are a unique way to evaluate relationships and dates. The custom-designed site boasts its own electric language where you vote events to be HighFreq (good), LowFreq (bad), or declare a relationship dead by condemning it with the DNR (do not resuscitate) title. For more information, visit

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